1. Aw, I recently had a Golden Retriever nose in my lap while eating… [Leading to “Bruce (my brother), call your dog!” (Which he did. And Bailey went away to Sit/Stay…for a while ;-p)]

  2. Of course, a Golden Retriever that is true, would not take a bite. In contrast, I once left a pizza on the kitchen table, only to return to find the the middle eaten, the crust, still intact on the pan in the center of the table, and my German Shepherd nowhere near the scene of the crime.

  3. Typical specism, KJ. There you go blaming the shepherd when it could equally as well have been your human partner who snuck a mouthful on his way past the table.

  4. Indeed, the evidence was circumstantial, but since I was a single man at the time, compelling. The Shepherd further condemned himself by being nowhere in sight for inquiry – A dog that was seldom more than 5 feet away. During his entire life, he was never caught stealing food, but there was a whole lot of food thievery goin’ on.

  5. Even so, KJ, I think we should explore the possibility that you suffer from multiple personality disorder before we start blaming the poor dog.

  6. Mitzi, our Lab mix, once ate an entire pan of chocolate cupcakes (this was before anyone knew—I guess—that chocolate was poisonous to dogs). There was merely a sheepish-looking dog in the vicinity of cupcake crumbs and cupcake liner-paper scraps! O_o