Former nun, Judy Beaumont, is defying centuries-old doctrine in becoming the first woman in Southwest Florida to be ordained a Roman Catholic priest. Bishop Frank Dewane of the Diocese of Venice, has warned her not to cross that patriarchal line.

“It has been brought to my attention that you purportedly reside in the Diocese of Venice in Florida and may attempt to be ‘ordained’ to the ministerial priesthood here within this Diocese,” Dewane wrote in a letter to Beaumont. “This is a most grave and serious matter of consequence for your soul.”

The consequence is automatic excommunication, or expulsion from the church, the bishop wrote. The same penalty applies to anyone who participates in the ordination ceremony.

“With this in mind, for the good of your immortal soul, I exhort you to choose not to participate in this attempted ‘ordination,’” Dewane wrote.

Beaumont says she will follow her conscience and take the consequences.

COMMENT: My guess is that the good sister most definitely has a large and beautiful soul. Bishop Bully, on the other hand, probably has a a shrivelled up lump of pure hatred where his soul should be.


AH! SOUL — 6 Comments

  1. There’s this Popoid priest who sometimes comments at Tobias’s and TELP’s blogs, FrMichael.

    He, too, spouts off (unprompted) re dangers to the “immortal souls” of others (including his own parishioners)! Y’know—as if the greatest danger weren’t to his own [I mean that everyone should worry MOST about his/her own soul, not rant about other people’s!]

    I swear, any link between the faith expressed via the New Testament, and Popoidism, is purely coincidental…

  2. “It has been brought to my attention” gave me a quick chuckle…..I’ll bet the parish ‘Liturgy Police’ fell all over themselves in their eagerness to bring this news to the Chancery!!!
    How they love to tell tales. I knew a priest who got ‘reported’ for folding a purificator incorrectly once. They never grow up……..

  3. Logistical question – Who ordains her?

    Extrapolation question – if the good nun is endangering her immortal soul, wouldn’t the Catholic Church then believe that was true of all, male and female, who have been ordained outside of RC dogma…er….authority?