1. I think he’s actually worried that the reason that no one will go to the church that day is not because the crowds will stop them but because most of the normal congregation will be in the parade. Heck, if they cancel the service the priest will be able to join in for once.

  2. MP, I’m fairly sure he’d not be the first Roman Priest to do so.

    Any if he’s a real Cardinal, why isn’t he in a red dress?

  3. This website is an excellent example of the anti-Catholicism — the only difference is that the Ku Klux Kln gave up anti-Catholicism in the mid-Seventies, but this website has been spewing out that kind of sewage fairly recently.

  4. a sampling —

    14 Dec 2011
    14 Dec 2011
    In these wide-ranging lyrical essays, Anita Mathias writes, in lush, lovely prose, of her naughty Catholic childhood in Jamshedpur, India; her large, eccentric family in Mangalore, a sea-coast town converted by the Portuguese …
    clipped from Google – 12/2011
    12 Jul 2011
    12 Jul 2011
    COMMENT: I doubt that many lay Catholics will be confused. Certainly not the ones who have read the bits in the Bible about scribes and pharisees. But I am surprised that the bishops haven’t claimed that it was just a return …
    clipped from Google – 12/2011
    14 Nov 2011
    14 Nov 2011
    The biggest problem facing the Roman Catholic denomination at this time is the fact that it has nowhere near enough priests to provide anywhere near adequate pastoring for its membership. I was reading the other day about …
    clipped from Google – 12/2011
    Of Course, I Could Be Wrong…: ALL ROMAN CATHOLICS ARE …
    06 Nov 2011
    06 Nov 2011
    Any Roman Catholic who is truthfully against the continuation of such homophobic actions, at least those aimed to influence decisions outside of their own denomination, should simply not give any money whatsoever to the …

  5. Ah, you got the attention of the poster of the YouTube clip, Maddy!

    He also has a lovely clip in which he declares that “Rick Santorum is awesome!”

    Not surprised they elected a former Nazi as their leader. It fits in with the Inquisition, Spanish conquests and pretty much all the other contributions of the RCC to “civilization.”

  6. Well, he’s right in a way. I am anti his concept of Catholicism. Why he thinks I should be embarrassed and ashamed about this is beyond me. To be honest, I am proud of the fact that I stand up against such evil nonsense. I regard his comments in the same way I would regard comments from the Ku Klux Klan accusing me of being anti-racist.

  7. Oh, no doubt about it!

    And I applaud your anti-Catholicism, in this case.

    I, too, am proudly anti-(his kind of)Catholic. I’m also anti-starvation, anti-murder, anti-genocide, and anti-misogynist, if he’d like a full catalog of my atrocities.

  8. Are you people blind and deaf? You have gay protesters desacrating the host, urinating on the floor of a cathedral, and engaging in unending and obscene anti-Catholicism, and Cardinal George happens to be one of the most erudite and godly men in Christendom.

  9. I have to say that any urinating on the floor that has occurred at my cathedral parish has been completely accidental and not of my doing.

  10. Wow.

    Desecrating the host – terrible behavior at any party. They certainly shouldn’t be invited back!

    That’s much worse than torturing people into conversion, or the absolutely frivolous fun of using threats of excommunication to sway a vote that affects real people and their ability to live like human beings.

    I do wonder, though, how important the Host or the cathedral could be for the Roman denomination to have allowed them to be in a position to have these things done to them? I mean, we have these little cabinets, in the Anglican tradition, that actually locks. Frequently, the priest and servers – though not even really that hungry! will consume the sacred bread to make sure it doesn’t have anything untoward happen to it – and we’re not even so superstitious as to believe it’s actually magic meat!

    So, wassa you problem, Romanistas?

    Given the history of the Roman denomination’s Truthiness, I would have to actually see it to believe any of what Anonymous(SP3RN)describes. Perhaps he read it in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

    We’re neither blind nor deaf, you moral defective, just capable of discerning real damage and self-pity.