I am so impressed by the cultural and moral import of this story that I keep playing the video over and over and over again. No, honest.

Good on 'em! And thanks to JCF (who, like me is completely uninterested in the physical content of this video or what the young ladies look like) for sending me the link to this vid. Now, you must excuse me, I need to watch it again just in case I missed something the first 10 times.



  1. The suggestion was prompted by your wolfish behavior that assumes lesbians are available for your sexual gratification stemming from your privileged male position…and so I thought of the most UN-lesbian, lesbian movie as a suggestion…the point being to project scorn. (I’m changeling Angry Feminist – how am I doing?)

  2. I don’t assume anyone is available for my sexual gratification, Larry. Never have done. My guess is that you had more sexual partners in a week than I have had in my whole life at one point in your life. But I do like erotica especially if it’s tastefully kinky.

  3. Yeah, go figure….. The whole thing, and the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, turned out to be pretty much a non-event. There have been no mass protects among US troops, even combat troops, and it appears at present the military folks have been a lot more mature than those outside the services who predicted a social Armageddon if gays were allowed to serve openly in the miltary – following the experience of most other countries in opening their militaries to gays who wanted to serve. Who’d a thunk it?

  4. Of course you don’t, you silly man. My comments have been spoof – what did you think I meant by the last line? Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I thought the first kiss in this case summed up more than anything else recently, how little the folks on the ground care about this stuff, despite all the hand wringing.

  5. Hey, I think it’s hot. I think the young petty officer is quite attractive, and I am thrilled to have her serving and doing her bit to protect my Constitutional rights.

    So sue me for mot being PC and having a libido. LOL!!

    Besides, there is another US Navy lesbian serving with pride: Joe’s younger sister Ruth. I’m sure she’s quite happy about this too! 🙂

  6. Actually, they’re both Naval petty officers * (but the currently land-lubbing one is in her civvies).

    See what you learn by watching a few dozen times? Wonder what I can learn w/ a few dozen more views? ;-p

    * Note how I refrain from “they’ll be frigging in the rigging” jokes!