1. Unlike Dawkins, I think he was an honest intellectual. He wrestled with God, and eventually came to be wrestling with the idea of God. Jacob had similar problems. I suspect God respects those who come to that error honestly. (Do not get me started on Dawkins….)

    May he rest in peace and rise in surprise!


  2. Far be it for me to speak for him, but I believe MP was simply stating a fact…if he is right and there is nothing after death than all that is left for the man is to literally rot.

  3. Jewish burial? [Didn’t he learn he was ethnically Jewish late in life, or am I thinking of someone else?]

    I hope Hitchens rests in Love: my prayer for everyone’s departure from this life…

  4. Yes. My R.I.P. quip was made with respect for Christopher’s beliefs. I respect the religious beliefs of others unless those beliefs cause hurt. Dawkins’ religious beliefs hurt others. Christopher’s not so much. Hence the photoshop. The angel is dead and only the devil is left whispering into the ear of the child.

    At least, Renz is paying attention.

  5. Yes, his mother was of Jewish ancestry. She committed suicide with her lover in Athens, and apparently the Anglican priest who was supposed to conduct the funeral was a right prick about it, because a: she was committing adultery and b: she committed suicide. I just now read this section of “Hitch-22.” He was ready to firmly kick some clerical ass over this, apparently.

    Even though he was a young man at the time, it seems he never really recovered from this for the rest of his life.

  6. MP, I was paying attention. I merely added my personal thoughts. ::looking for graphic with tongue stuck out….::

    Anyroad, we shall all eventually see. And we agree completely re: Dawkins.