“At this time of year it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity – the lies, the corruption, the abuse.” (Banksy - winner of the Emperor's New Clothes Award For Quack Art for the last ten years running)

His latest work, the bust of an 18th. Century priest on which he has stuck a load of small tiles, has just been unveiled at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. The name Banksy has given the photoshopped sculpture is "Cardinal Sin." I bet the dozy, smart-arse git isn't even aware of the fact that there really is a Cardinal Sin, alive and kicking, although recently retired, I believe - which is what Banksy should do before some small kid sees him and tells everyone he's not got any clothes on.


QUOTE OF THE DAY — 4 Comments

  1. Well, being that I just called the artwork in question “Brill.” at JoeMyGod, I can’t very well take it back here.

    However, I will say in my defense, that I hadn’t seen the quote (which is overbroad at very least).

  2. Er… Shakespeare wearing a cross? I don’t think so.

    But how unoriginal. If he knew a little bit more history Banksy would recall that Cromwell’s lot carried out similar defacing of religious statues several centuries ago.