1. I always wanted a skirt like that when I was a kid! My mother always said we couldn’t afford it. I’m so glad now I never got one! Someday that girl will look at that picture and realize she is only a part of her mother’s fantasy! How depressing.

  2. Ellie, that’s too good for them. They should be dressed up in a ridiculous costume (something which includes the features of a donkey) and paraded through the streets of the nearest city.

  3. Yes – of course – I keep forgetting; having an education of religions that extends beyond what they dun told ya at Sunday School is clearly a sign of mental incompetence.

  4. Incompetence? Never!
    Eccentricity and madness? Quite often.

    I was actually riffing on the weird direction this thread has taken. We’ve gone from a little girl sitting on a horse to Set-Beasts from Egypt, whatever they are. Now don’t go telling me a normal mind would be responsible for this. There’s some serious Samuel Taylor Coleridge type stuff going around here.

  5. Ah – the poodle skirt. I had that skirt in high school – only it was a light blue background. The fabric was felt, and it must not have been a very expensive version of the fashion in 1960 because we didn’t have much money. My best friend and I would phone each other before school and coordinate our wardrobe. Now she had the real-deal-expensive version, I’m sure.

  6. Oh yes, and what Susan S. said – everything I was allowed to wear was an extension of my mother’s fantasy, poor dear. She grew up truly dirt poor during the U.S. American Great Depression, with alcoholic parents and her babysitting money going to beer for them instead of bread and milk for her brother and sister.

    Hence, the poodle skirt at all costs…

    Ooo goody, the wv is “gazomper” – so THAT’S what that poor beasty is that she’s sitting on.

  7. The Set-Beast is the image of the god Set, which nobody has ever quite been able to identify – Horus is obviously a hawk, Anubis a jackal, etc., but Set. . . ?

    It has sort of a bovine/equine snout and squared ears – rather like this ungulant, here.