I watched "Rev" for the first time ever this lunchtime. I shall not watch it again. Not that it was bad. In fact it was stunningly brilliant, a fine piece of British TV. The problem for me is that it is too damn accurate. The story of a parish priest who still believes in God and in the possibility of the Church being a force for good in his locality, up against the companymen of the Church of England (unbelieving archdeacons and pseudo-aristocratic bishops who seem to have no other aim than to keep the Church going simply so they can enjoy the privileges that come with their status) and cynical "Sea of Faith" colleagues who unhappily cling on to their jobs just because there is no other job they can do, is such a truthful depiction of the Church of England that I have been as depressed as hell all afternoon.

I understand that a lot of vicars really love the show. Obviously we have more masochists in the Church than I previously thought. I'm surprised there hasn't been an epidemic of wrist slitting among the "junior staff."



  1. I’m with you – though I had thought my discomfort was because I am Presbyterian. I cannot bear the pathos and the reality and the pain.

  2. Of course it’s not easy watching for those of us who know how accurate it is, but that ius one reason why I view it – it makes me face up to its reality rather than running away and pretending it isn’t happenning. Too easy to not watch it again – and no, I’m not masochistic, but this needs to be dealt with.

  3. I’m not sure the gospels give us enough information about Jesus to decide whether or not he was ‘vibrant’. But I do think that a gospel ministry will have something more than merely human love to offer. If it doesn’t, then ministry becomes an intolerable burden for the minister. I suspect that’s one reason why I find Adam depressing. He seems to be miserable most of the time. I think people are pretty creative about finding their own forms of misery; they don’t need me to add to them.

  4. The first time my ex and I watched an episode of the Vicar of Dibley we were horrified. Too close to the bone (the vistry meeting where nothing was accomplished in spite of heated arguments over trivia). I can see why one might recoil, though I have not watched Rev.

  5. Kudos to you, SR. Perhaps not having a job to feel miserable in makes the programme a bit more of an ordeal for me. I actually covet his miserable situation.

  6. people are pretty creative about finding their own forms of misery; they don’t need me to add to them.

    And yet you continue to give so freely around the Blogosphere whilst keeping to your super Christian persona on your own blog.

  7. Brilliant photo shop, MP! Perked me right up after a day with The Hound (and I don’t mean Miss Princess Xena, I mean that other stalking one.) At least the ‘toon made me laugh out loud, so now I might just sleep.