I love it when some old rocker, long passed his or her glory days, who has been treading water maybe for quite a few decades, suddenly and out of the blue, releases a stonker of an album that blows the efforts of most of the trendy, bright young things out of the water. When it happens it's a wonderful up yours to youth and I fully approve of that.

Jah Wobble has been decidedly uninspiring for a good twenty years or so. So, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I heard his new album and realised that Mr Wobble had released an album full of stuff easily as good as anything he did with P.I.L. Mind you, the presence of his old Public Image bandmate, Keith Levene, on the credits should have alerted me to such a possibility.

"Psychic Life" is a wonderful, bass-laden legal high of an album that will certainly blow out any cobwebs that have accumulated between your lugholes since the last time you got your copy of "Metal Box" out of its can and shoved it on the turntable.

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