1. For “money-changers,” substitute “those who try to make money off of blogs that have the effect of encouraging people in activities leading to AIDS and syphilis.”

  2. You know, Anonymous (AKA “Coward” since you won’t sign your name), we actually encourage people in committed monogamous relationships (you know, MARRIAGES) which have the effect of LOWERING a person’s risk of AIDS and syphilis. But, for goodness’ sake, don’t let facts get in the way of your bigotry.

    I’m inclined to throw an extra five quid MadPriest’s way in “honor” of your remark here!

    (Reminds me of the time I donated to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name so that she would get their thank you note!)


  3. Just one-tenth of gays get married in the places where that’s legal and one half of those are in open marriages.

  4. [Oh look, Anal Troll’s back. Someone’s maxed-out his Visa for man-on-dog porn I suppose…]

    Jesus addresses “Jesus” in the third person (I thought he was the Second Person? ;-p), just like Herman Cain!

  5. As for the five quid, you’re adding to the harm done to gays by harming the owner of this blog, who has been sinking into a progressively worse personal situation thanks to this kind of false encouragement.

  6. Anonymous has got me worried about my readers health and safety. So, may I remind you all that should I tempt you into lewd, sexual practices, ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM!

  7. I’m so moved and flattered that Anonymous is so concerned about my health and wellbeing. Sad to say, after 50 years of non-biblical promiscuity I don’t have syphilis or AIDS nor have I ever had either one.

    But thanks for asking (or not).

  8. MP

    That condoms make a serious difference in gay health is just one more delusion to add to the several being advanced so far. And you of all people should stop being in denial about the mental illness dimension of all this, given the pandemic dimension of the problem among gays. Stop fostering this!

  9. You have obviously not been doing it right, Brian. Whatismore, you must be a terrible disappointment for the anal troll who is trying his best to justify to himself having abstained from the one thing he has really, really wanted to do all his life. If he was to find out it can be perfectly safe it could destroy him.

  10. What difference would it make whether I or anyone else wanted to do it? Anal sex is not safe sex, whether a condom is used or not. The anal sphincter is designed to expel feces. It is not designed to have a hard, stiff object like an erect penis inserted into it. Penetration by the penis damages the sphincter muscle. The muscle is torn making the anus more susceptible to problems later in life such as piles, anal prolapse, ulcers, fissures, diarrhea or constipation.

  11. So I’m sure you lecture MOST penetrators in anal sex—heterosexual men, on women—huh An(al)onymous? You’re so very, VERY CONCERNED for women’s sphincters?

    Yeah, I thought not. Wotever goes on in het marriage—or its common-law/one-night-stand facsimile—is entirely godly, compared to Teh Naughty, Naughty Gays.

    You’re sick. Get help.

  12. I spent many years doing speeches and position papers for organizations and I’d always research both side of an issue for maximum clarity. I’ve done this on the question of gay health, only to find something fairly unusual — a tsunami of evidence showing very serious risks and nothing at all stating that gays have comparable health experience to others. It isn’t “sick” to point this out and it isn’t “pro-gay” in any meaningful sense to ignore it.

  13. Funny to me, given that we do not have to sign in with our real email or identity, that someone won’t at least adopt a nom de plume, to be polite. How difficult would “bill” or “harry” be?

    We really do not care that someone who needs money asks for help. We do get that your writing, such as it may be, does not command a living. Hint, some talent and effort may be required!

    And frankly your focus on other people’s backsides is both scary and tiresome. Do you coach at Penn State? That might explain the focus.


  14. Let’s see. I need to think carefully to come up with a reply to Anonymous that will match his intellect and mastery of objective truth.

    Ah ha!


  15. sexual deviants of every variety

    Brilliant! To be honest I’m getting a little bored of the same ole same ole with the gays and lesbians and this new challenge may be just the thing I need to buck me up.