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Congratulations to Jim and Sue-z who celebrated 44 years of married bliss last Friday.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to our longstanding blogging friend, Robert (rajm) from the SCATTER CUSHIONS blog. Also, Happy Birthday to Bishop Mark Strange (OCICBW...'s candidate for the archbishopric of Canterbury) who is 50 years old today, and my Facebook friends, Daniel W (a particularly fine gentleman), Melodie W and Richard A.

Congratulations to Joan R who celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of her baptism yesterday and all to all those "done" during All Saintstide.

Massive respect due to Padre Mickey whose world famous PADRE MICKEY'S DANCE PARTY blog celebrated five whole years of being among us on Monday. Prayers also for our friend who is still struggling to find a post in the States and is getting kicked back because of the "directness" of his blog.


Family matters continue to bring joy to THE TWO AUNTEES.


From Lori:

Can you please add my son Daniel and his company to the prayer list. They are exiting Iraq and on Nov 1st, the Iraqi army will be joining their base. Please pray that the transition goes peaceful so there is no harm on either side. He thinks they will be home by Christmas.

Posted at MAD PADRE:

Among the sixteen killed in an attack on an armoured NATO bus in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, 29 October. Master Corporal Byron Greff, of the 3rd Battalion, PPCLI, was the first Canadian soldier to be killed since the end of the combat mission, centered in Kandahar, this July. Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon him.

Travelling blessings on Jan from YEARNING FOR GOD, who left yesterday on a mission trip to Russia. Keep her safe, Lord, and may our friend find what she is looking for out of this trip.


Poor J. Michael from POVEY PRATTLE has had his trip to Australia postponed because of the Quantas strike and sorting it all out is turning into a real headache for our friend.


Your prayers, please, for Rob's canine friend, Tommy, who seems to be suffering from the side effects of taking arthritis medicine. More details at A GARDENERS DIARY.

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THE PRAYER LIST: 2ND. NOVEMBER 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Prayers ascending for all.

    Thanks for noting our 44th. We have walked an exciting, difficult but loving trail these years together.