Mrs MP really wishes I could be more like Giles Fraser. My obvious jealousy of him somewhat proves that at least a part of me knows she is right.


The canon chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, Dr Giles Fraser, has resigned in protest at plans to forcibly remove demonstrators from its steps, saying he could not support the possibility of "violence in the name of the church". Tweeting just after 9am on Thursday, Fraser announced his resignation: "It is with great regret and sadness that I have handed in my notice at St Paul's Cathedral."

In a short statement to the Guardian, Fraser, who was appointed canon in May 2009, confirmed his resignation, saying: "I resigned because I believe that the chapter has set on a course of action that could mean there will be violence in the name of the church."

Fraser has pitched himself as a man of the people, and Anglicans either love or loathe his liberal views.

COMMENT: Don't worry. He won't starve, he has alternative employment opportunities, and he'll be back. Anyway, the word on the street is that he didn't really enjoy his job at the Cathedral. So, no harm done.

BREAKING NEWS: The Durham firm, MadPriest Bookmakers, has announced that it will be taking no more bets on Giles Fraser becoming the next Dean of Southwark.



  1. There ain’t no one anywhere remotely comparable to Giles Fraser in the American Establishment. Here in the land of the Prosperity Gospel, our public priests eagerly shill for the ruling corporate oligarchy. Joel Olsteen would never ever leave behind his lucrative and politically influential career to express any sympathy for any Occupy protesters anywhere.

  2. Oh MP, I understand your cynicism and envy. But really! :-/

    wv, “supid”: suits your commentary to a…

  3. I applaud your honesty.

    I’m no Giles Fraser fan, but, if he does find himself falling into roses, I’ve got to say he rather deserves it, this time.

  4. Guys,

    Jonathan is right up front – literally and figuratively – that he is jealous of Giles Fraser.

    That caveat, in and of itself, is profoundly brave and qualifies all that follows. He has not tried to present this as other than cynicism, he hasn’t “spun” any facts – he’s up front about what he thinks that it is his opinion, and honest with himself about why. It’s not easy.

    I certainly lack that humility myself, as I honestly believe that my cynicism is an accurate worldview.

  5. They also serve, who only stand and WAIT…to have a (decently) compensated position, which they could then resign for conscience sake.