I am expecting the new dean of Southwark to be announced either tomorrow (Tuesday) or, maybe, next Tuesday.

The smart money was originally on Giles Fraser getting the post. But you could probably get quite good odds on him now. I understand that Giles and the Dean of St. Paul's don't exactly get on too well and Graeme Knowles is well in with the movers and shakers of the Establishment. And then there's the whole St. Paul's and the protesters thing where I have a feeling Giles Fraser is being blamed for getting the stuffy old cannons embroiled in a very public moral dilema (cash versus freeing the captive - that old inconvenience).

So who is going to get the nod?

Maybe the acting dean, Andrew Nunn or perhaps Michael Ipgrave (who I used to rate very highly when he was working in the East Midlands).

But the Church of England hierarchy is being even more politically manipulative than normal at the moment so it could well be a surprise appointment of somebody who will promote the Anglican Covenant and not rock the boat with talk of gay bishops and the like. One thing is for certain, whoever gets the job has a hard act to follow. People who speak out for the persecuted are always loved in hindsight. For example, Durham has been a poison chalice for bishops for years simply because nobody "could ever replace Bishop Jenkins."



  1. In light of further info revealed on a different thread, my previous comment had more sting than humor. My apologies, Jonathan.