I have known and loved many conservative people in  my lifetime. Many of my conservative friends and acquaintances are extremely generous, caring  and impeccably well mannered. My parents are tories.

But I still think capitalism is a thoroughly bad thing.



  1. Well, as you know, MadPriest, I’ve referred to the evils of capitalism quite a number of times over the years. I’m agin’ it — you know that!

    I’m not sure I’m prepared to say that it’s a “thoroughly bad thing” however. To the extent that it promotes initiative, creativity, choice, perseverance — that sort of thing — I would be comfortable agreeing that there’s good in it and that it offers a context for people of good will to achieve some positive things.

    To the extent, however, that it violates the scriptural prohibition against lending money at interest, I think capitalism is inconsistent with the tenets of all three Abrahamic faith traditions. And to the extent that unregulated capitalism pretty much necessitates the existence of an impoverished underclass, then it violates the tenet of compassion which (according to Karen Armstrong, at least) all the major world religions hold in common.

  2. It’s a thoroughly self-harming thing if unmixed with a solid dose of socialism and welfare. The basis of capitalism is the zero-sum game, in which wealth is accumulated by individuals and wealth – understood as money and possessions rather than, say, knowledge, skill, generosity, compassion – are the measure of a person’s worth. The object is to become the one who accumulates the most. The problem is, being a zero-sum game (for wealth in money and possessions depends upon the limiting of both), it eventually bloats the few to the point that there is no wealth in the hands of the many to continue feeding the capitalist system. It overfeeds and collapses under its grotesque weight.

    It’s certainly no basis for a stable, long-term civilization.

  3. Just a brief observation: wish I could get Joe to write in his blog; Jonathan might find some serious competition in the snark department. Ah, but Joe prefers live, in-your-face snark. heeheehee