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I'm being confirmed on Sunday. Assuming I don't get cold feet between now and then, that is.

The Mystery Illness seems to be abating, on its own. I'd still rather know what it was, but at least I'm getting better.


From Ellie Finlay:

Hi, folks. I do ask for your prayers as I'm still sick. It's not life threatening or anything but I'm not able to work and I'm losing income in a scary way here. Thanks. Love to you all!


From Jim:

Please add Sue-z whose broken foot is incredibly painful and debilitating. My love can barely walk the few feet from our bed to the dinner table without crying. She WILL heal, and it will get better, but watching her now hurts.


From Ann Fontaine:

Asking for prayers for Ann A., a long time friend, who has to go back for more chemo as her cancer is growing again.

Also for Vashti Thompson, a little girl who has been very sick.

"In the last few days Vashèd has been pricked, poked and seen through in ways no 7-yr old (her birthday is actually October 25) should have to endure – constant drawing of blood, a sonogram, a chest X-Ray, a CT scan, a hemoglobin electrophoresis, and a bone marrow respiratory biopsy – but all of it necessary. The initial analyses of these tests are showing no malignancy and nothing extraordinary, and we continue to pray that it remains that way."


We pray for our friend, Penolan from MENOPAUSAL STONERS and all those campaigning for change at Occupy Wall Street and its many spin-offs. May the Spirit fill them with strength, courage and;stubborn perseverance and may their victory be swift and complete.

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THE PRAYER LIST: 11TH. OCTOBER 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for putting me on the list, MP! I’m glad to say I’m a LITTLE bit better. Managed to get to work yesterday (although it was difficult) and am struggling even as I write to get myself moving this morning!

    (I’m not usually such a wimp! 🙂 )