I saved a little dog's life yesterday.

Opposite where I park my car at the end of the close lives an elderly gentleman and his West Highland terrier called Mollie. She is a typical Scot, naturally agressive and always telling visitors to go away (which she does very loudly and with great enthusiasm). Having been a lorry driver and, on a couple of occasions, suffered shin wounds inflicted by little dogs whilst attempting a delivery, I made friends with Mollie as soon as we moved in (I know how to get round Scots, you just tickle their tummies and tell them they're wonderful). This means that I get greeted with a waggy stump of a tail rather than a litany of Celtic obscenities.

Yesterday lunchtime, when I arrived home from a trip down the village for provisions, Mollie was standing at the end of her drive. She looked at me and wagged her tail. I smiled at her. Then I noticed that her owner was reversing his car down the drive. It's only a very short drive and soon the back of the car was above the back of Mollie. She didn't notice. I screamed "Oh, no!" But then immediately crouched down and shouted "Mollie, Moliie, Mollie!" as enthusiastically as I could. Thanks be to God, the little dog immediately ran across the road towards me as her owner's car continued to trundle backwards.

For doing the right thing when the chips were almost down without thinking about it for weeks on end first and discussing it endlessly on this blog, MadPriest is OCICBW...'s


Oh, thank you. But it was only what anybody would have done.



  1. I’m so happy for Mollie–and for you, MP. Nice change BEING a brick instead of getting brickbats to the head from trolls.

  2. I know how to get round Scots, you just tickle their tummies and tell them they’re wonderful

    It works on Englishmen, too (they just don’t like to admit it).

    You’re wonderful, MP {coochie-coochie-coochie} Just Wonderful!