Concerning the murder of Troy Davis:

"What we have had is a manufactured appearance of doubt which has taken on the quality of legitimate doubt itself. And all of it is exquisitely unfair," said Mr. Lawton, who retired as Chatham County's head prosecutor in 2008. "The good news is we live in a civilized society where questions like this are decided based on fact in open and transparent courts of law, and not on street corners."

COMMENT: I'm sorry, and I know I will be accused of being an arrogant European for this, but on this side of the Atlantic the USA is not regarded as a civilised society, and you will not be until you stop judicial murder, imprisonment without trial and letting people, who could be cured, die because they haven't got the necessary insurance. America is like the Roman Empire - it has great central heating, marvellous literature and social mobility but it still thinks killing people in the arena is morally justified and good fun.


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  1. It is a truly horrific situation. I find it particularly abhorrent that those who like to say this is a “Christian” country are often the ones who support capital punishment. Makes no sense to me. Regardless of his guilt or innocence, Troy Davis should not be put to death. My church is holding a vigil tonight, and I’m hoping I’ll even be able to get there as the streets around the Capitol are bound to be clogged with people protesting the execution. I pray for all involved.

    Another thing I can’t understand is how any doctor could administer the lethal injection, when he/she is bound to “do no harm.”

  2. More prayers for Troy Davis today. Also prayers for the U.S., that it can pull itself out of the Roman Empire mentality.

  3. If it makes any of you feel any better, there are a LOT of people in Georgia, and around the world, protesting this execution. Sadly, I fear it won’t do any good. But I’ll be there anyway, praying.

  4. Lord have mercy on us, for we are blind and think we see, and our greatest crime is believing we should lead the entire world because we’re more right than anyone else. I pray for my country.

  5. Can’t someone file a murder charge against the governor and warden before the international rights tribunal?


  6. Troy was killed by the State of Georgia tonight, SCOTUS—in our (US citizens’) names—having allowed it.

    I’m deeply ashamed. And anguished. And furious. And disgusted. But mainly sad.

    RIP, Troy.

  7. I would say I’m ashamed of my home state, but why state the obvious?

    Like gumbiecat said. And that world has whole other little worlds within it. Georgia is like the Indra’s Web of stupid.