"First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love" by the Reverend Susan Brown Snook, posted at A GOOD AND JOYFUL THING.

Love is not a feeling. Love is a series of decisions, and a lifetime full of actions. Love is something you decide to do every day, no matter what you feel. And in doing it, in loving your neighbor as yourself, in making the good of your spouse your highest priority, you will learn to experience love at a whole new level, far beyond mere feelings.

Good stuff. As is the whole article. Go read!


"The radical rejection of power — politics, libertarianism and religion" by Gurdur, posted at THE HEATHEN HUB.

If I recommended everything that Gurdur produces that is worth reading then OCICBW... would be nothing more than his own personal, fan club. So the fact that have singled out this particular post means that it is exceedingly good.



  1. That’s extremely kind of you, MadPriest, and really unexpected. Many thanks indeedy!

    If I may, can I ask what you liked so much about it? Such feedback can help me greatly in future blog posts. Again, many thanks.

  2. It’s not what you said but the way that you said it, Gurdur. I love a writer’s “performance” in the same way someone may love an actor’s performance. This post was well structured and well reasoned and, above all, concise. Blogging is an artform which takes big ideas and gets them across in as few words as possible (the same should be true of preaching, in my opinion). We don’t always succeed, but in this post you certainly did.