1. technically “native American” isn’t correct either and “First Peoples” is more on the mark as they walked over by land bridge about 10,000 years ago into human-free land…they really were no more native to the land then the others – they were just the first squatters…

  2. Crap, Larry! The first people of North America were English during the last ice age and the first people of South America were Polynesians. How many times do I have to go over and over the true history of the world before some of it starts to sink in with you people? Please pay attention from now on.

  3. I believe that Kennewick Man (aka, Jean Luc Picard) was a contemporary of Jesus, who was in present day State of Washington writing the Declaration of Independence.

  4. Gee, MP, r
    u grumpy today or what? The Revolutionary war was over and done with a while ago. Additionally, if our wanna politicos get any crazier and, Lord forbid, actually get elected, some of us may flee to England where we will no doubt be welcome!

  5. You’re the grumpy one. I have merely been pointing out the basic fallacy at the heart of your rednecked compatriot’s original insult. And don’t tell me I should have turned the other cheek because that would be very hypocritical of you, Nij.

  6. :sigh: And both of you have forgotten that the entire human race originated in Africa, so we’re all really Africans.

    So I’m told, anyway.

  7. “Blood” is such a silly concept.

    We are Americans not because we have European, Asian, or African genes. We are a nation of mixes, and separateness. I have a nephew married to a Moslem. Not a big deal in our world. She is a USAF pilot.

    We simply are different, and we actually like that. First People, European, African, Pacific Islander or Inuit heritage: we are us. Even those who are angry and seek some separateness, and those people are not all First People, are in that group.

    There are some Mexican heritage Americans who think they want to be Mexican citizens and leave us. I think they are a tiny disaffected minority. Time will tell.

    It is interesting to see the Islamic country immigrants begin to become us. We now have teams of girls playing softball in uniforms that include trousers and bare arms in Arab neighborhoods. Do not tell the Saudi clergy :-). Some of them
    are very good players.

    If you want to suggest that the approach of 9/11 has exposed some of the worst attitudes in some of my less reasonable countrymen, sign me up. These idiots think not that we are different but rather that we are special. Wrong. But then, we all have our dim bulbs. We have the Speaker of the House, you have Rowan Williams in Lords!