In what a cynic might regard as a right, cynical move, another clergyman in favour of Rowan Williams' madcap scheme has been appointed to the top table of the Church of England. The new "Lord Spiritual" is The Reverend Tim Dakin,  a honorary canon theologian of Coventry Cathedral and associate priest in Oxford Diocese. He has been head of the Church Mission Society since 2000 and he has many contacts with the African church (of course).

He has obviously been practicing the "bishop look" for some time as this photograph demonstrates:



  1. There is something about the hair, the set of the jaw, and the slightly unfocused look on Little Tim’s face that seems appropriate for the episcopacy. But all you bipeds look pretty much alike to the canine world… one young priest told me that they were able to pick out the “bishop wannabes” way back in seminary, so it might be something like “bish-dar” pheromones that they give off. I suggest that we should unleash the hounds and hunt them to ground!

    wv: bears

  2. In the 60’s someone interviewed the late Mayor Richard J. Daley, the father of the recently retired mayor of Chicago. He was asked about the embryonic litigation that would eventually outlaw patronage hiring in American cities. He said, “Why would I give jobs to my enemies?”

    What should trouble Dr. Williams is the fact that his “friends” have that vacant soul, hungry gaze into nothingness. This is what he has left to appoint.

    Someday, one may dream soon, a book will be published, “Rowan Williams, Decent Into Irrelevance.” The subtitle of course, “A Short History of an Arch-episcopacy.”



  3. Tim’s OK – the expression in the photograph is atypical. He may be pro-covenant and on the conservative side of evangelical, but he has both a sense of humour and a sense of irony, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He was certainly one of the saner members of the Oxford diocesan contingent on General Synod. (And the second to get a pointy hat in the last few months!)

  4. Well that’s okay then. As long as gay people are condemned to a life of second class status in the Church of England by someone with a sense of irony, I’m sure they’ll be fine with it.