The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has suggested that the faithful celebrate the one year anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain by throwing a Pope party.

COMMENT: There really is no need for this. In England we already throw a "pope party" EVERY YEAR on the fifth of November.

Bad taste aside, YOUR SUGGESTIONS PLEASE for activities to make your pope party go with a swing. Personally, I think a game of charades would be appropriate.


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  1. “Keep Away” – please!

    “Statue Maker” – my childhood term for Freeze Tag, but given Bennie’s predilection for beatifying people before they’re even cold in the grave, I think it would be an appropriate activity.

  2. How ’bout we celebrate ala Spartacus (no…not THAT “Snails&Oysters” way! O_o) and ALL become Pope?

    “I’m Bishop of Rome!” “I’m Bishop of Rome!” “I’m Bishop of Rome!”