It's been a couple of months since I last mentioned my financial situation due to moving house and all that. Unfortunately, also due to moving house and all that, times are, at present, extremely hard in the MadPriest household. With all the moving costs, and repair work that had to be done in the new place, we are broke. I'm not sure if we are living by faith or just pretending the situation will sort itself out. But I'm sure if I stopped and thought about I would get very depressed in deed. Which is a shame because everything about our new home is more than satisfactory. I'm enjoying the simplicity of our new, uncluttered existence and our two dogs are really enjoying the fact that the countryside is right outside the front door.

However, we won't be here long if I don't manage to get a bit more cash coming in. So, once again, I'm asking all my friends in the blogosphere and beyond to consider sending me a donation so that I can carry on my online ministry. This can be done either with a one off donation or by signing up to a regular monthly subscription plan. Either way, please use the PayPal portals below. You don't need a PayPal account of your own to use this facility.

There is a very good case that can be made that as a blogger I should not be begging off my readers. But the St. Laika's project is a different matter. Over 1770 people downloaded the podcast of the St. Laika's eucharistic service last week and if that isn't mission I don't know what is. I am also absolutely positive that if it wasn't for my blogging activities at OCICBW... hardly anybody would find out about St. Laika's. So the two aspects of my online ministry are very closely related.

Everybody who makes a donation receives a special, limited edition, thank you photoshop lovingly crafted by myself in humble gratitude for their support. And I do mean "humble." This whole situation I find myself in, and the generosity of so many of you, most of whom I have never met, leaves me gobsmacked. But it does appear to be what I am supposed to be doing so I continue to go with the flow.

God bless you all.


Another way to help Jonathan is to buy Amazon products via his Amazon shop. Details of how to do this can be found on the right hand sidebar.


AN URGENT NEED — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks, troll. You are always ready to give me a helping hand when I appeal for donations.

    And Mrs MP sends her regards. They all have such a laugh reading your emails to her place of work. They call you, Schizo Sam (I think the Sam bit is because you are American). Mind you she did tell that your effort last week was a bit tame by your usual standards.

  2. “Mind you” celebrate your diversity!
    At least sneering at Catholicism pays better than sneering at Orthodoxy and is a lot less dangerous than sneering at Muslims.
    And it pretty much is the founding reason for Anglicanism in the first place, isn’t it?
    No wonder Anglicanism is growing at such a dizzying pace!

  3. Justin Welby will welcome you with open arms. Stopping wasting your time and become a curate again.

    By J. Hagger

    Since I love to promote Sodom
    I’m racing to the financial bottom
    I’m much too arrogant to repent
    And won’t go back the way I went.