Contrary to what my local weatherman stated on the BBC news this lunchtime, today is not the last day of Summer for two reasons.

1: Summer ends at the Autumn Equinox.

2: We haven't had a fecking summer.


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  1. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt because I’m English and it was officially summer. Last Saturday it was pissing down with rain but our neighbours determinedly held their planned barbecue, outside in the garden in there party wear with no concessions to the climatic conditions. It’s what makes Britain “Great.”

  2. …nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.

    I was happy at the Irma Thomas concert, very happy, and thinking about it still makes me happy.

  3. Not to worry, MP, we in the Lone Star State have had our summer and yours too…. Today is supposedly the last day of a heat wave that has lasted for well over two months. But they’ve lied to us before….. 106 F today, maybe 97-98 F tomorrow, and more fires have started up west of Fort Worth, over 7500 acres going up so far…..

  4. We’ve had an uncharacteristically mild summer here (after a cool, wet spring). I’d have more tomatoes and peppers by now in a normal (hot) Sacramento summer (hoping for typically long, sunny Fall though).


    Taking mini-vacation next week: look where I’m staying! 🙂

    [“Pet-friendly”: looking forward to many happy “Fetch!” sessions—w/ accompanying dog-showers ;-/—w/ my brother’s Golden “Bailey”! :-D]

  5. I wish I had known; I would have offered to send you some of ours. This has been the first week in months that it hasn’t hit 90+ here in Maryland, generally every day of the week. Not as hot as Texas, but almighty uncomfortable. Eventually, we will have about two weeks of autumn, then plunge straight into winter.