Remember THIS?

Well, I have some really bad news for you.

David Virtue's Bountiful Bosom has found a video of the Chief in action with his band.

I am most terribly sorry.



  1. I made it all the way through the first one, but couldn’t get past 33 seconds on this one. He is even worse in video.

  2. Oh M P You have really excelled yourself this time.
    Do not pass Go, do not collect £100.go direct to jail, and for all our sakes, please, stay there!

  3. I was put in a difficult position, Ray. Of course, I didn’t want to post this as I’m not a cruel person. But it was sent in by a reader and it would have been bad mannered of me not to post it and rejection could have sent DVBB spiralling down into a depression that he would not ever recover from.

    So don’t blame me. I was simply doing my job.

  4. He doesn’t even lipsink – he’s faking it! He doesn’t tax himself to hard on his lyrics, either. But really, he’s just too gross! Ewwwwww.

  5. Oh geeeeez! “back to bed back to bed back to bed” – ick! Not on your life, Chief. And those women just keep on smiling and even saying “prostitute”. Why, oh why, did I watch this. I blame you, DVBB!

  6. Ya know, if you lace your morning coffee with enough absinthe and go to the happy place, you can almost get through this without too much psychological damage. I did…..:-) The cloud shots were nice…..

  7. You bi-peds! This was the funniest thing I’d seen in years! The whole “Robert Palmer” sort of feel to the girl on guitar, the swinging and swaying only semi-in sync with the song… the random “Beech!”… not even trying to lip-sync! all I can say is “Um Pah Sah, baby, Um Pah Sah!!!”

    Oh, and one more thing – it was better than if he sang on the video!

  8. Even worse…I think this guy is spamming his own YouTube account leaving silly comments, such as “MELBOURN AUSTRALIA high class priostitutes now have their RINGTONE set to MBASSA” and “MIAMI FLORIDA fighting broke out as an Irate fan kept writing MBASSA on people cars on the street.near a nite club”


  9. I’m going to make this my ringtone.

    This way I can make many more suffer as well.

    And maybe it will make them all stop calling me!