From THE LOCAL (France):

Laurence Parisot, the head of the influential bosses' organization, Medef, has hit out at what she sees as deliberate attempts by the US to shift their own economic woes to Europe.

Parisot said the problems started when China decided to "teach the US a lesson" about the level of its debt over the summer.

"The Americans then wanted to pass the buck to Europe," she said. "We saw a kind of psychological war and an attempt to destabilize the euro zone."

Parisot cites as an example the "unfounded" rumours about French banks which were spread by the American media.

"The front pages of the American media announced the death of such and such a bank and even the end of the eurozone," she said. "We went from attacks on Spain to attacks on Italy, then on France and as far as rumours that Germany would be downgraded last week!"

"Markets over-reacted," she added, "as they are by nature very sensitive to rumours."

"When American publications, which are read by investors and analysts, lead with these false and dramatic announcements, there are questions to be asked," she said.

COMMENT: OMG! The Americans will be imposing unfair trade restrictions and adopting one-sided protectionist import policies next! (Sorry, Kirkepiscatoid, that was sarcasm again).



  1. I know that. You know that. But the French, as it has been pointed out before, still think they are important and haven’t got their minds round the concept of being a subject people.

  2. Near the end of WWII, Le Monde published an editorial suggesting that France was in greater danger from an Anglo-American victory than from continuing German occupation. The French still take that view a lot of the time. Remember, British friends, they do not merely detest Americans!


  3. What the French (and most everyone else, including the US) seem to forget is that this is all a ruse. The corporations use the american publications (recall that over 90% of all private media is in the hands of 7 corporations) to influence the markets in their favour.

    And yes, the corporations may speak with an american accent, but you’ll find their board of directors speaks only one language – money.

  4. True, Jim. But they have good reason to hate us. We rescued them twice from Germany last century and worse than that, we didn’t surrender.

  5. Most European countries have independent broadcasting companies. This is useful as they can’t be bought off by big business and they can shout foul if the privately owned media starts telling too many porkies. I really do recommend you lot consider regulation of your media – you’ll end up with more freedom, not less.

  6. I think the term on this side of the pond is pissed off. The French being pissed is not a news item, its a fact of life given the amount of wine they drink.
    (but they do like the Scots, Auld Alliance and all that)

    WV = “pless” – trying hard to avoid a racist comment here