I'll be completely honest with you, I should go to prison for tempting you to listen to this excruciating dross. I know this, but still I persist.

5000 days off purgatory for anybody who listens to it all without being tied down securely beforehand.



  1. By golly, I want my 5,000 days. I earned them, every one of them.

    As bad as it was, you have actually posted worse. This was pretty grim, however.

  2. Oh, I could have posted worse, BooCat. The album contains such gems as “Viagra will cancer your balls,” “The tribute to Shakira, Gwen Stefanie, Jennifer Lopez,” “Part Time Prostitues Many (your neighbours)” and “Do not marry that bitch.” Quite honestly, I think you got off very lightly in deed.

  3. Catchy little tune – I ended up chair dancing through much of it (I have the laptop in my lap, of all places), so I think I’ll take the 5000 days. The bride (EHC) would have gotten some credit, as she was in the room, but she broke at the last minute and came up to me briskly, carrying a set of earphones for me so she wouldn’t have to listen to it. And she was so close…..

  4. 5000 days at least.

    He does, of course, have a certain consistency and doesn’t tax one’s brain in attempting to follow the complexities of his lyrics.

  5. Note to self: listen to these on computer at work, where the speaker is not only crap, but is underneath my deskm AND I have calls coming in that override the “music”…this way it’s not quite such an assault on my ears.

    muhahahahahaha….your nefarious plans to melt our eardrums with this garbage will not succeed, MadPriest!

    Or something like that.

  6. your nefarious plans to melt our eardrums with this garbage will not succeed, MadPriest!

    Actually, I’m gradually gaining control of your minds with this stuff. World domination is my destiny. Resistance is futile. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!