There are some days when I wake up in the morning and the only way I can cope with the absolute hopelessness of my life is by sitting down, closing my eyes and forcing myself into a near catatonic unconsciousness. Today has been one of those days. Tomorrow my life will be just as futile but, with a bit of luck, overnight my mind will have tricked itself back into believing that I can cope with it.


Prayers please for my Facebook friend, Marguerite, whose father, Peter, "passed away very peacefully" at the weekend.

"He was a wonderful father and a wonderful, helpful person to all who knew him."


Elizabeth Kaeton's good
friend, Larry Taber, died
last Thursday and she is
"so going to miss him."

Go read all about Larry
and 81 years well lived



The funeral service for my father-in-law went as well as could be expected. The church where it was held was very gracious. It was well attended.

And then I got in my car and drove. And drove. And drove. And drove. And drove. And ten hours later I pulled into the driveway.


Please pray for our friend, Red, over at APPLES OF GOLD. She's been unusually tired recently and may have chronic fatigue syndrome. She has been referred to a specialist clinic and hopefully she is now on the road to being able to manage her condition.


David, the vernacular something or other, is pretty much moved into his new home and, no doubt, looking forward to his new job (which should have been mine!!!). On HIS BLOG he says that, "Stress levels have been high. The first few days have been characterised by skin-stripping arguments, invective, bile and a sense that we may have lost a sense of 'normal' forever."

However, "Gladly, that sense is fast abating as routines re-build, old habits of play resume and the kids remove their self-applied red horns. If us adults have found it all a bit much, we must remember that the Twins Aculae must have had it all the worse. Peace begins to reign over the (now) sunny idyll that is Whitton."

Don't worry, David. All will be well and you will be a very successful vicar.


Margaretkiaora, who blogs at FILEYGARDINER and elsewhere, is suffering from a bout of insomnia made worse by her being attacked viciously the other day by a swarm of hungry, Yorkshire mosquitoes. She is stoical about all this but we pray that she will be back to full, nightly restfulness very quickly.


We pray for the people of Libya.



If you can and the team can spare a prayer for the family of Jack Layton and for the entire Candian political left, today would be a good day to do it. Story here.


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THE PRAYER LIST: 22ND. AUGUST 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. {{{MP}}} <--That's only a virtual hug. Practically, it amounts to adding to the overnight mind-tricks collection... Prayers ascending for all in need. May Jack Layton rest in peace…