Counterlight's Willy was ten years old on Sunday.

Before you start trying to work out how that is possible for such a mature gentleman, here is a photograph of our friend's Willy.

I have significantly cleaned up and enhanced the original photograph as Doug, the Neighbourhood's greatest, living artist, couldn't be arsed to himself and his Willy deserves such care and attention.

100 days off purgatory for the first person to work the phrase, "stroking Counterlight's Willy" into their comment in a non-gratuitous way.


CAT OF THE DAY — 14 Comments

  1. Adding the comment to this post would already be gratuitous!


    OMG, a “Y” on the head of Counterlight’s Willy? Could those ex-gay treatments actually work after all??? :-0

    [I am so, SO SORRY, Doug. ;-p Mwah!]

  2. Mrs. Slocum: “I’m afraid my pussy is feeling a bit neglected…I spent a good deal of time last night stroking Counterlight’s Willy…after all, it was his birthday.” (from a lost episode of Are You Being Served?)

  3. The party for the cat was quite silly
    He was dressed in a tutu all frilly
    But the best fun of all
    Where we all had a ball
    Was in each stroking Counterlight’s willy

  4. Yes, very good, Boaz. But rising to such depths of double entendre and crudity is just not a challenge for you so I’m not giving you any days off purgatory at all.

  5. No, I understand. Mind you I’m not planning on spending any time in purgatory. My talents are taking me straight to the other place.

  6. …so your Willy’s 100% queer…like his {ahem} staffmember! ;-X

    [Seriously, Doug, *I* am the one w/ the “Y” on my mind (if only it were on my other places! *LOL*)]

  7. This thread is, for some of us anyway, such an occasion of sin.

    I find Counterlight’s Willy so handsome I want to kiss its head. But that’s just me, a Californian with no proper British restraint.

  8. The English have absolutely no restraint when it comes to the double entendre. In fact we invented it so that we could talk about things everybody else talks about without actually having to talk about them.