LOUD FRIDAY — 5 Comments

  1. Just to let you know – I do so like this Loud Friday selection. Thanks! (Miss Xena, Labrador Warrior Princess of Norwalk was unimpressed, however. She didn’t even move from lying on the floor even when I was dancing right in front of her. Ah well, can’t please everyone.)

  2. Typical princess. I expect she tells other dogs that you are only looking after her until real owners return from their cruise round the world on their private yacht.

  3. She’ll start hoping that story is true when we start living in the car, poor princess. At least there won’t be room for me to dance, so that’s sorted for her.

  4. All RIGHT!!!

    Actually, when I get stuck at a traffic light next to a rapper blasting so loud it shakes the car, I turn on the classical music up to full volume and blast them out of the water. It makes them mad. So I probably won’t do that to my doggy. But thanks for the idea!