We pray for the members of our community who are poorly or in distress at this time and for those suffering hardship. God be with them!

We rejoice with those for whom life is good.


From gumbiecat:

The old cat bought another day on this earth while we spent the entire day in the ER. Husband was put on IV antibiotics. Have to monitor him tonight and hope that my tomorrow the bites have improved. The old cat boy does even more poorly than yesterday and we suffer not just physical but the emotional turmoil right now.



I'm battling a headache and depression together and can barely get off the couch. I really, really hate depression. And I can't take anti-depressants so I'm stuck with trying to pull myself out of this pit of despair all by myself. Therapy costs money and with our insurance it will go on the enormous deductible first. I do well to get them to pay for my mammograms. Which is due this month, along with my annual surgeon's appointment.


Posted at REVEREND REF +:

Bad News: The front doors of the church were graffiti'd with an inverted pentagram and "Save me from the Angels" written all around it.


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

Murdered in the New Orleans area since July 1:

7/1 Larry Collier 36 M Shot Orleans
7/2 Rontrae Carter 21 M Shot Orleans
7/5 Jacberio Griffin 19 M Shot Orleans
7/5 unidentified ? M Shot Orleans
7/6 Juan Carter 26 M Shot Orleans
7/7 Sentrell Crawford 31 M Shot Orleans
7/8 Jerome Canselo 24 M Shot Jefferson
7/8 Willie Cooper 19 M Shot Jefferson
7/9 Chris Rideau 30 M Shot Orleans
7/11 name withheld 73 M Beaten Orleans
7/12 Kayla Peters, age 12, F, shot, Jefferson
7/12 Nayah Peters, age 1-1/2, F, shot, Jefferson
7/12 Nyla Peters, age 6 mos, F, shot, Jefferson

Please pray for the victims, their murderers, and their families.



Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families:

Sgt. Nicanor Amper IV, 36, of San Jose, California
Spc. Nathan R. Beyers, 24, of Littleton, Colorado
Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Dodds Dudley, 29, of Tega Cay, South Carolina
Lance Cpl. Norberto Mendez Hernandez, 22, of Logan, Utah
Spc. Nicholas W. Newby, 20, of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Spc. Rafael A. Nieves Jr., 22, of Albany, New York
Sgt. 1st Class Terryl L. Pasker, 39, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Spc. Jordan C. Schumann, 24, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Sgt. Christopher P. Soderlund, 23, of Pineville, Louisiana
Spc. Preston J. Suter, 22, Sandy, Utah
Sgt. Steven L. Talamantez, 34, of Laredo, Texas
Staff Sgt. Joshua A. Throckmorton, 28, of Battle Creek Michigan

Pray also for the fallen heroes also of our coalition partners, and for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who have died, unnamed and unknown to us, and for those who mourn ... and for an end to this endless war.



Christian Solidarity Worldwide has confirmed that an Iranian pastor’s death sentence for apostasy has not been annulled. There had been reports that the Supreme Court of Iran had overturned the death sentence handed down to Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani by a lower court last year.

The organisation has this week received a copy of a written verdict from the Supreme Court that confirms a verbal notification made earlier this year stating that the pastor’s appeal against his sentence had been unsuccessful. The written verdict asks the court in Rasht, which originally sentenced him, to re-examine procedural flaws in the case. Despite this, however, it has “ultimately given local judges a free hand to decide whether to release, execute or retry Mr Nadarkhani in October”, CSW said.



Three near-simultaneous explosions have shaken India's commercial capital Mumbai. Twenty-one people were killed and 113 injured.


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  1. I see a thread like this, and I really wish we all in OCICBW were together in the flesh for a {{{{{group hug}}}}}}

    Lord, could you do something presently about The Sucktasticness?

    [AND shield the joyous. Both of them. ;-/]

    Prayers ascending!!!!

  2. Oh, okay. But don’t go thinking that hugs are just an over the top American thing. I never knew anybody as into hugs as Desmond Tutu. (And, in some ways, he might as well be a Brit. He studied there and lived there…)

  3. Those who hate hugs usually NEED them the most (I should know: I used to be that person).

    …but yes, Crazy @rse: I’d rather hug Jane, too! 😉