We pray for the members of our community who are poorly or in distress at this time and for those suffering hardship. God be with them!

We rejoice with those for whom life is good.


From KittKatt:

My computer seems to be working again! A new “power unit” has been installed and all is well so far. All our prayers for the quick inexpensive fix seem to be answered. Thanks.



From gumbiecat:

It has been a hell of a day. The old man cat bit the fool out of both my husband and myself - our hands - when we were at the vet and dealing with the cat carrier. We left him there for tests - and by the end of the afternoon my husband had developed sepsis from the bites. He was running a fever of 101 and is on antibiotics and injections and other stuff. I'm due to get sick next, so I'm starting a course of meds.

Tomorrow we will know what happens next and I am pretty sure that it won't be a good one.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 13TH. JULY 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Viewed charitably, gumbie, the Ol’ Guy’s trying to take you two w/ him to Catnip Heaven.

    {{{gumbiecat and pride}}}

    Thanksgiving, and prayers for all in need…

  2. Yeah, well, I think we would go with him if it would make him happy.

    But we’d be leaving three other cats and a needy beagle, a elderly mother in law and a daughter who needs us as well.