Male, Church of England priests who are not against the ordination of women but state that they will respect the anti-women measures adopted by the parish councils of churches they want to be appointed to, are, in reality, not being in the slightest bit respectful. They are being selfish cowards. Not only that, they are doing more damage to the campaign to gain full equality of opportunity for women within the church than Forward in Faith, Reform and all the other misogynist groupings put together. Shame on them!



  1. You still support female ordination even after you were passed over twice for two different posts for lady rectors?

    Actually, that’s kinda cool.

  2. I have known three instances where a priest has taken on that kind of post and has, through love and listening, travelled with the congregation to acceptance and reception of the ministry of women. This is not easy – but change is possible is you start with people where they are rather than where you would like them to be. I rather think Jesus did a lot of that.

  3. No Jesus didn’t. Not once did he say he respected a person’s attitude if he thought their attitude was wrong.
    Jesus was in fact, more respectful of people than the priests you cite. Because he never conned them into thinking he respected their beliefs so that he could change their minds over time. Jesus went straight in and told people what he thought of them but he was able to do this with such love and authority that some of them (not all) accepted his correction straight away.