New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says he's worried that the next step in the marriage debate will be another redefinition to allow multiple partners and infidelity. Writing on his blog Thursday, Dolan also lamented the anti-Catholic venom that surfaced in the gay marriage battle, saying he's worried that "believers will soon be harassed, threatened, and hauled into court" for their convictions.

He also apologized to those in the gay community who may have been offended by the church's stance, saying he's honored that so many gays are at home in the Catholic Church and that his goal from the start was "pro-marriage, never anti-gay."

COMMENT: Either Dolan has a very low IQ and is incapable of rational thought or he is an evil, conniving scaremonger who is willing to say anything, no matter how obviously deceitful, in order to influence the political decisions of the people of the United States.

The man is a living parody of the body of Christ. He is the antithesis of Christian humility. I mean, just look at this photo. It makes me sick.



  1. For some reason, the phrase that comes to mind upon seeing that photo is something along the lines of, “And the crowd goes wild! RAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!”


    wv: inked

    As in, “Joe is well-inked with many tattoos.”

  2. New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says he’s worried that the next step in the marriage debate will be another redefinition to allow multiple partners and infidelity.

    Sure. There really is no genuinely good biblical rule for monogomy, so if you’re going the route of “the rules are the rules and stop questioning them”, you have to come down hard with an iron fist and scream that we need to watch out for the slippery slope.

    Or, you can take a more narrative understanding of the bible and start talking about covenant. Then you can talk about human psychology and relationships and start to see the value of monogomy.

    Then you have a good principle for discernment: monogomy works best for human spiritual and emotional growth and mirrors the covenant between God and God’s people. So we, as God’s faithful people, ask all individuals – gay and straight – to maintain that faithful lifetime monogamous relationships are the ideal standard for disciples of Christ.

    I agree, the traditional view leads to a slippery slope. And very few people in today’s world accept “Because I said so” as a basis of moral reasoning. Covenant and psychology are, on the other hand, persuasive arguments. Unfortunatly, the traditional approach trashes monogomy because it sees no inherent worth in monogomy qua monogomy, only in monogomy as leading to heterosexual relationships.

  3. No one becomes an Archbishop in the RC Church if they display any tendancy at all to go against the party line. Rational thinking as well as independent thinking are taboo. To expect anything different is folly.

    (And if “traditional” marriage is such a good thing and such a blessing, why do the Romans forbid their clergy to partake in it?)

    Thank God I’m an Episcopalian and have never been required to check my brain at the door.

  4. Tim, my favorite photos were “bliss”, “austere” and “ascetic”. Actually, “ascetic” made me kind of scared – creepy. No offense to Catholics intended.

  5. Where he’s not evil, he’s thick. And where he’s not thick, he’s evil.

  6. Regarding the first photo of Cardinal Burke, I haven’t seen that much gold since the time I was in the souk in Istanbul…..