THE GREEN MAN — 4 Comments

  1. Research has confirmed that this is not the ubiquitous kudzu, but a trumpet vine

    so, with apologies to Hank Williams

    Hey sweet Jesus.
    Whucha got t please us.
    Hows about savin a trumpet vine fer meee.
    My sweet Savior,
    doncha think maybe,
    You could find me a brand new ternal liiife

  2. Personally, I have absolutely no idea about the difference between a kudzu (never heard of it) and a trumpet vine (never heard of it), so what the theological significance of the species is I cannot say. However, I notice Grandmère Mimi has posted a very scholarly account on the eschatological allusions contained within trumpet vine imagery, over at WOUNDED BIRD.

  3. The kudzu is an invasive species found all over the American south. I remember as a child seeing entire fields covered in the stuff. It would climb up trees creating a bed you could jump into from above. Great fun.
    Don’t know much about the trumpet vine.