The Senior Apostle and faithful members of the Church of Twelve Tribes Apostolic Kingdom (TTAK) voice their feelings concerning the Anglican Church being set to approve controversial guidelines allowing openly homosexual clergy to become Bishops.

The Church of TTAK call this decision “appalling and a major disappointment”. ”Ecumenical dialogue with the Anglican Communion will be greatly hindered by this move” says His Beatitude Trevor Greene, the Senior Apostle, & Patriarch of the Church of TTAK. ”We, by Biblical standards set even during the days of Moses, and adhered to by the Apostles, cannot accept this as being Christian behavior. We therefore call for the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Anglican Communion as a whole to return to Biblical standards, Orthodox Christianity, purity and holiness.”

COMMENT: Never heard of them.


OH, I’M REALLY SCARED — 7 Comments

  1. They’re regarded, around here, as dangerous nutjobs who abuse kids – and that’s the attitude of mainstream fundamentalists toward them.

  2. I find it interesting that one must be widely recognized in order for one’s words to be true. Homosexuality within the Clergy is out of order, regardless of one’s preferences. It will not only hinder dialogue between them and the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants, it is a grave sin before God.

    Furthermore, it is the silliest of mistakes to associate our Church, TTAK, with “Twelve Tribes Communities”. We never had any association with them, nor will we ever have one in the future. If you’re going to investigate, do it properly please.