It's the first of the month again and the bills are already piling up. I am particularly worried about my finances this month as I still have to pay back the money I borrowed to stay online last month. Also, we are hoping to move home in July and this is proving very expensive. So, once again, I am asking those who can afford to and don't do so already, to consider donating to my ministry.

I spend over 60 hours a week putting my blogs together. A sizeable chunk of my time is spent putting together the St. Laika's services. They each take about 5 hours to compile. They could be cobbled together quicker, but that's not my style. My efforts in this respect are being rewarded with some incredibly healthy stats. I know from comments that both the St. Laika services and the daily Prayer List are very much appreciated. This is why I can say, in all honesty, that your donations to my online ministry are contributions to the work of the church and the furtherance of God's kingdom.

There are three ways that you can donate. You can send a one off donation via PayPal. You can make me very happy by subscribing via PayPal on a monthly basis. There are up and down arrows beside the amount box on the PayPal widget below and by clicking on them you can choose an amount to give depending on your means. It starts from just £1.00. Another way to contribute is by standing order directly to my bank account (please email me for details).

And don't forget to continue using my Amazon widget to buy your stuff. I receive about $100 every 3 or 4 months through this scheme which is extremely useful and costs you nothing extra.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I could really do with your help this month. My move to a new home means I am turning my back, at least for the foreseeable future, on the possibility of a parish job. It is my greatest desire to continue my priestly vocation, full time, through my ministry on the Internet.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to subscribe or donate via the buttons below.



  1. I wholeheartedly encourage any of you who are enjoying the services from St. Laika’s to consider making a voluntary donation, similar to NPR or Best of the Left podcasts do…

    Despite the thick headed trolls who can’t get it through their skulls that requesting donations for providing podcasts is not unheard of…

    If we all contributed even the smallest amounts, Jonathan would be able to keep the podcasts coming forth.

  2. I do what I can to shop via the Amazon wizard. It costs nothing, in fact it may slightly speed up the service, and it helps. What is not to like?


  3. ….we are hoping to move home in July

    I bet the diocese are hoping also…

    ….that your donations to my online ministry are contributions to the work of the church

    Wow, I thought you hated the church…

  4. Mr. or Ms. Troll: your comments only make me want to give more, which I suspect is the opposite result of what you’d prefer to happen.

    Whoever you are, your comments smack of childishness and sour grapes. Begone, before someone drops a house on you!

    MP – donation is on its way. Thank you for your ministry here.

  5. Wow. It’s been quite a while since I commented here, but Obvious Troll has inspired me. Hope you got my message from the other day, MP.

  6. Why don’t you get paid to perform real – as opposed to virtual – services now you have PTO?

  7. Anonymous,
    the service MP provides to me via the Internet is real.
    I’d lose that if he restricted himself to a local church.
    Virtual is only a medium. The people who receive it are real.
    That’s not actually hard to understand, now, is it.

  8. It is very difficult, Ms Baker, for a priest to celebrate a ‘virtual’ mass, to give ‘virtual’ communion and offer a ‘virtual’ Sacrifice – as opposed to the REAL Presence. That’s not hard to understand, now is it?
    “Do this virtually in remembrance of Me”??

  9. In my snail mail box, and my email inbox, I get dozens and dozens of charitable appeals for cash.

    Do you think they get consistent replys by trolls, the way MP does?

    I don’t get it. Christianity has a noble mendicant (look it up, trolls!) tradition going back 900 years (at least). WTF?

  10. Give me your real name and your email address troll, always use your real name, and, after I am certain that you haven’t lied to me, you will be allowed to dissent (politely, of course).

    Otherwise you remain an anonymous troll.

  11. Jesus has never turned up at any communion I’ve attended. Which means that they are all virtual.

    Trolls, they really are incredibly dense.

  12. Jesus has been present at every mass I’ve celebrated. Pity He wasn’t at yours.

  13. I used to come out with comments just like that, troll.

    When I was thirteen years old.

    And I used to think I was being clever just like you think you are being clever. But when I grew up I realised I was just being a twat.

  14. Trolls are so boringly literal. While it may feel nice to remain safe in their little boxes of what they “know,” they sadly miss much of the joy, beauty, mystery, and transcendence of life and faith and God.

    I sometimes think your trolls have desperately tried thinking outside the box, MP, but have been unable to or were terribly scared by the amazing unconditional love that exists with God, and so remain where they can comfortably judge everyone else. Perhaps they are jealous of your ability to find God where they cannot, and that compels them (or just him, as the case may be) to visit here.

    I will Love Them Anyway, but cannot always remain silent when their intention is to harm others that I care for.

  15. No.

    If this is your contribution, here, Anonymous Void, Jesus was nowhere near any mass you’ve ever celebrated. The one who was comes through in your evil here.

  16. Anon,
    Before the Internet there was no possibility for a virtual communion, now there is.
    If Jesus can manage to be present in and through a consecrated piece of bread, what’s to stop him being present through a virtual sharing of that bread?
    Dare a little more faith!

  17. “Jesus has never turned up at any communion I’ve attended. Which means that they are all virtual.”

    BEST response, Jonathan.

    OLD troll is showing his age and inability to adapt to changes in the culture. He shows a decided inability to understand how cyber is changing things, creating different ways of relating.

    Perhaps if he had been witness to the cyber funeral we held for Lee a few years back with folks gathering all over the country including his local priest from TN…folks who knew Lee locally or only in cyberspace…many of which couldn’t possible travel for the funeral. He would see how Christ is present with us even in this manner that he so clearly does not understand.

    He continues to fail to see that donating for your podcasts for wages and upkeep is hardly different from money in the collection plate for wages and upkeep.

    He wants to invalidate the sense of peace and comfort I get from listening to your wonderful services. (not so removed from homebound folks tuning in to mass on the Catholic channel, eh?)

    He assumes that we do not possible also attend real time services.

    His anger and his scorn and his foulness are misdirected.

    Get thee behind me Satan.