We pray for Kirstin and Andee, and for Joe in Canada.


Posted by James at THE THREE LEGGED STOOL:

Our very beloved brother, Gören, has been on hospice for a week. He has an aggressive form of prostate cancer. According to his niece, the does not have a lot of time before he joins the Communion of Saints. Please keep him in your prayers as he graduates from mortality. And remember his blood family and his adopted family one of whom I am privileged to be.

Growing up in the shadow of a Swedish Lutheran Church, I learned Children of the Heavenly Father at a very young age. It was always sung in times of distress and for funerals. The last verse of the English translation says:

Neither life nor death shall ever
From the Lord, His children sever.
His the loving purpose solely,
To preserve them, pure and holy.


Posted by LKT at THE INFUSION:

You may recall after lovely Georgia died, we took up with a winsome old Golden Retriever named Jed who had been left with Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue after his owner went into the hospital. Well, this morning we got a call from Homeward Bound saying the owner was out of the hospital and baying for his friend. So Jed's gone back home to be with the companion of the first 12 years of his life. It's a happy ending, but I'll miss the old guy. He is grand.


From JCF:

Would you all please pray for our friend Skittles? Her financial situation has become very difficult.


Posted by Padre Mickey at

A week ago today, our beloved friend and drummer, Ricardo Staple, entered Hospital San Fernando with heart trouble. He's pretty weak. I'm requesting prayers for my friend.



Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families:

Tech. Sgt. Daniel L. Douville, 33, of Harvey, Louisiana
Spc. Matthew R. Gallagher, 22, of North Falmouth, Massachusetts
Spc. Nicholas C. D. Hensley, 28, of Prattville, Alabama
Pfc. Dylan J. Johnson, 20, of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sgt. Marlon E. Myrie, 25, of Oakland Park, Florida
Spc. Levi E. Nuncio, 24, of Harrisonburg, Virginia
Gunnery Sgt. Ralph E. Pate Jr., 29, of Mullins, South Carolina
Staff Sgt. Russell J. Proctor, 25, of Oroville, California
Cpl. Gurpreet Singh, 21, of Antelope, California

Pray also for the fallen heroes also of our coalition partners, and for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who have died, unnamed and unknown to us, and for those who mourn ... and for an end to this endless war.



Afghan officials say a team of gunmen, including some suicide bombers, attacked a prominent hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul, late Tuesday night. The fighting to re-secure the building lasted hours. Afghan security forces called in support from NATO helicopters. Authorities say 10 civilians and all of the gunmen were killed in the fighting.


From AFP:

Clashes erupted Wednesday between protestors and police firing tear gas in several parts of Athens ahead of a vote in parliament on austerity measures aimed at preventing a Greek debt default.


From CNN:

Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and pellets early Wednesday in Tahrir Square, Cairo, to break up a demonstration by relatives of those killed in Egypt's revolution. The clashes left at least 26 officers injured. 14 protesters were also seriously injured and admitted to hospitals.


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  1. The tragedy of Greece is that in the end, they can’t pay the debt; their economy isn’t large enough or robust enough to pay down the debt without a period of crippling austerity for perhaps a decade or longer. Rightfully, the Greek people, most of whom had nothing to do with the financial dealings that led to this point, will elect a government that will basically tell the bankers who failed the system to fold it five ways and put it where the moon don’t shine. When Greece defaults, Ireland will most likely follow, for there again, the people who will be living with the austerity program for years and years, to bail out the banks that betrayed them and their economy, will elect a government that will bail on the banks rather than punish its citizens for the sins of the financial industry. Then Portugal will also likely follow, and the whole house of cards will come down. Unfortunately for the US, American banks have a very large exposure to the financial losses from these national defaults. The afflicted countries will look to Iceland, which renounced its debt, went through a period of economic trial, but now is in fairly good shape, having spared its people many years of low or no growth and limited government services. Who can blame them? The conservatives keep saying they want a “free market”, but when their ill-gotten schemes threaten to bankrupt them, want the governments to bail them out of trouble. Won’t happen, not this time, and not in America either. The chickens are going to come home to roost, with talons.

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  3. [Thanks, BTW, for posting my request for Skittles]

    I didn’t want to send this story. Thought it might upset our host (it IS a Border Collie!)

    But now that Maggie’s doing better—and her $#%&%&#!! attacker (alleged) has been arrested—I feel OK about sending this update:

    Maggie the cattle dog, run over during a livestock drive in Sierra County, is getting better but probably still needs another week in the veterinary hospital.

    Maggie, an 8-year-old border collie, was injured when an impatient driver in a Jeep veered into cattle being driven to summer pasture on June 19.

    “She still needs another week or so of therapy so that the pin they put in her leg will work properly,” said dog owner and cattleman John Reader.

    Reader visits his best cattle dog in the Loomis Basin Veterinary Emergency Hospital where surgery was performed. Maggie suffered a broken back leg, and her spleen, liver and stomach were pushed into her chest cavity.

    Her therapy is walking, said Reader, so that the femur where the metal pin was placed won’t become like a peg leg.

    “She still has some swelling that they want to keep icing,” said Reader. “So there was a little more therapy than what I could give her here at the ranch. So she will either be coming home late this week or after the Fourth of July.”

    Maggie’s vet bill was thousands of dollars. As of Tuesday, the vet bill is covered with what Reader has paid and with what dog lovers have donated. “It’s been so overwhelming,” he said. “I sure am thankful for the community’s support.”

    Sierra County deputies arrested a 19-year-old suspect, Justin Philip Lombardobarton, late Friday. He was booked into Sierra County jail in Downieville on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, animal cruelty and vandalism of property.

    Lombardobarton, of Camptonville in Yuba County, is accused of intentionally hitting the cattle dog and five cows during the drive in Pike City.

    Officials say he also threatened to run into several riders on horseback.

    The drive was the annual Reader Ranch move of cattle from Pike City to high country grazing lands.

    In this year’s drive, pilot vehicles were leading the herd of about 300 head.

    Reader said the driver drove through the passing cows, instead of waiting with other drivers.

    After that, he steered directly toward Maggie, who was on the shoulder at the time, Reader said.


    Aw, look at that face. 🙂 Good girl, Maggie! Get well soon.