Allie and Ben are getting married today and we wish them every happiness. Actually, happiness is almost certainly guaranteed as they have chosen the most auspicious day of the year to get hitched. It just so happens that today is also the wedding anniversary of The Reverend and Mrs MP.


Happy Birthday (yesterday) to JCF's "Pop." Our friend loves his dad who is "91 and still kickin'!"

Happy Birthday to my Facebook friends, Cheryle and Candace.


Well done New York! No doubt also affected by the joyous karma surrounding the 25th. June, its duly elected have gone and voted in marriage equality for same sex couples. We live in a completely different world to when I started blogging just over five years ago. It's just a shame that the world inside a certain tufted archbishop's head doesn't seem to have altered in the slightest. We pray that he will wake up soon and smell the roses of equality which are growing up and replacing the weeds of bigotry all over God's garden.



We pray for Kirstin and Andee, and for Joe and his family in Canada.

Check out Kirstin's latest blog post at BAREFOOT AND LAUGHING.


One of the Neighbourhood's most beautiful people, Göran Koch-Swahne, from Sweden, has, after months of hospitalisation and surgery, been admitted into a hospice. On Facebook, James writes, "He is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met." It would be impossible to find a single person who knows Göran, who would contradict that statement. The man is an angel.


Judy has asked us to pray for Carol, that she may be healed.



The Anglican Bishop of Liverpool the Right Reverend James Jones is to have a heart bypass operation next week. He is expected to be away from his duties for at least three months."

The bishop said: "I am in good spirits and in good hands both divine and human."

A diocesan spokesperson said: "We would ask that you keep Bishop James, Sarah and the rest of the family in your prayers at this time."


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THE PRAYER LIST – 25TH. JUNE 2011 — 14 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Prayers ascending for all.

    Goran is such a bright light in all our lives it is horrible to contemplate a world without him. Receive him Oh Lord who places himself in your hands.


  2. Oh, {{{Goran}}}. Traveling mercies…

    Thanks, MP. Dad and I and brother are going up into the mountains today for further celebration. CKF doesn’t get into the mountains that much anymore. But, due to his work therein (40+ years w/ the Dept. of Fish & Game), there’s actually a series of lakes in the Sierra Nevada *named* for him. Pretty cool, huh?

    Felicitations to you and the Missus!

    @ New York: hugs to the grooms, kisses (w/ discrete feel-ups) to the brides! Mazel Tov! 😀

  3. Happy, happy anniversary, MadPriest and Mrs MadPriest!!

    Sincere prayers for all listed here. I also want to express how sad I am about Göran.

  4. The Happiest of Anniversaries to the MP couple!

    Prayers for Goran, Kirstin, Andee, and all the rest in need, unceasing prayers.

    Thanksgiving for MP, Mrs. MP, NY (my former home).

  5. Sorry for a possibly dumb question, but does “hospice” in Sweden have the connotations as it does here in the U.S. ? 🙁

  6. That’s what I was afraid of…

    “Almighty God, look on this your servant, lying in great weakness, and comfort him with the promise of life everlasting, given in the resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” (BCP, p. 462)