I know some of you don't like it when I explain a joke but when I cobbled this photoshop together I was thinking about the bishops who dare not speak out on injustice whatever their sexuality because they don't want to rock the boat. I have changed the title to make this more obvious and apologise for any confusion.

However, I'm with Mimi on this one. If just two or three diocesan bishops in the Church of England broke ranks and found the courage within themselves to say what they actually believe then there would be a domino effect nobody could stop, not even the Grand Tufti himself.



  1. LOVE IT!

    But let’s please not forget that these people would genuinely lose everything if they came out. That’s how our church is at the moment. And people on this blog in particular should understand what it means to risk that.
    Not everyone is cut out to actually live through it by choice.

  2. Ah! But I am I referring to the closeted bishops or the bishops who act against their own beliefs to keep the status quo out of fear. Personally I think I’m probably on about the second, but I wouldn’t want to restrict the joke.

    And heck, if everybody stopped worrying about consequences there would be no consequences and I would still have a job.

  3. wait, let me get this right.

    you are speculating on what would happen if some bishops (a.) actually had a backbone to stand up to the bullies, (b.) demonstrated moral courage, and (c.) were willing to show real leadership?

    Shouldn’t the title of this post be something like “Don’t Blame Madpriest, Blame Ellie or MadDad”?

    Or, wait, I’m confused… this isn’t a joke?

  4. . . and if you shifted just a few atoms around, lead would be gold.

    I don’t see any bishop ever getting the lead out and reaching the gold standard.

  5. MP, my problem is that I do not know who the closeted bishops are, because they are closeted.
    So I have no means of discerning whether they do work against lgbt people or not.