This week's discussion starter has been sent in by Tracie.

Here's a stamp. You can use it to mail one postcard back in time to yourself. What would you say, and how old is the yourself to whom you are sending it.


CHIT CHAT (16) — 6 Comments

  1. Age 10 – It s**** now but you will survive and by the time you’re 48 you will begin to find your strength and you will begin to heal.

  2. Age 15, in inorganic chemistry class- “You’re not as stupid as this makes you feel. You’ll love college; just stay away from math classes.”

  3. Age 17: “Judy”, I’m sure your math and science grades (combined w/ over-achieving test scores) are good enough to get you into *some* college/university (maybe even w/ a scholarship?). If you were to major in, say (this is California!), Hydrology, you could still do something Politically Correct w/ it (Peace Corp might even accept you! Unlike w/ a Humanities degree!). AND, you’d always have an EMPLOYABLE skill to fall back on.

    And be a polymath genius/spiritual adept on your FREE time [“Free Time”: that minority portion of your week when you would NOT financially compensated. Instead of having your whole Freakin’ Life financially-uncompensated!!!!]

    wv, “agnes”. Another martyr like Yours Truly. }-p

  4. 22 years old: Don’t put off grad school! If you stick with Ben, it won’t end well. Hold on to your original plans.