I would like to thank you for including a song from my current CD, "It Is Well...," in your May 30th podcast!  The track you used was Inspired By Love And Anger.  I trust your listeners enjoyed the song.

Wishing you all the best,

Canadian Tenor,

Derrick Paul Miller

As you know I pay for a licence to podcast and the money goes to recording artists. I have also had a very strict policy of only allowing my podcasts to be downloaded (as per the terms of my licence) and never making jukebox items downloadable. I also post all my audio files at 112 kbps which is 200 kbps lower than normal CD quality audio. I believe this is the right way to present music on a blog as it is mutually beneficial to both artist and blogger.

Therefore, I am always so pleased when I hear from one of the performers that I have featured (unless, of course, they have been featured on "Where Does He Find Them," which has never happened and I hope it never will). It makes me feel like I've contributed to the artistic endeavour of the world even though I am no artist myself.

Thank you, Derrick and, I must say, you have one mighty fine voice.


A THANK YOU NOTE — 5 Comments

  1. So. Has With All Your Soul fallen by the wayside? I miss them. I realize that the podcasts are a lot of work. Maybe a one hour podcast would be a less onerous chore. Just a thought.

  2. It’s a time management issue. I’ve been concentrating on the quality of St. Laika’s recently in order to tempt the facebook crowd over (they wouldn’t be so interested in WAYS). It’s a temporary situation.

    Also, you know me, I get fixated with one thing for a while. But, like Jesus, all my features eventually return. It’s just I do not know the hour at which that will happen.