AT LEAST I TRIED — 17 Comments

  1. What confuses and concerns me is that still will not tell you what it is you’re supposed to have done wrong. I’m not sure how you can appeal without that information.

    It’s rather like saying, “Well, I’ve reviewed your complaint about what I’ve done, and, having referred to me and my understanding of my actions, I bore me out that I was correct. Thank you.”

  2. What Mark said.
    I am so sorry, Jonathan. There must be mornings when you feel like Job.

    I have now chipped in my mite, and hope your other fans will join me.

    Thoughts and prayers,
    Your Wicked Friend

  3. Having just skimmed through their FAQs it’s clear that Google decide who they will allow into their AdSense program on their own set of criteria, details of which they will not tell anyone. You join and remain a member solely on their whim, with no redress or proper chance to argue your case. As it’s their program I suppose they can do what they like, but on the basis of what I’ve read on their pages I don’t think I would want to be a part of it. Which doesn’t help your income any ….

  4. Ridiculous.

    Completely ridiculous.

    If it was one of the trolls who did this by clicking repeatedly on a link….eh. I shouldn’t even say what I think should happen to them.

  5. Dear members of the OCICBW community:

    I feel I really must own up to you all that it’s possible my activity triggered the shut down. Here is what I have sent to the Google people:

    Dear Google ad administrator:

    It has come to my attention that the ad account of Jonathan Hagger, owner of the blog entitled Of Course I Could Be Wrong, has been disabled due to invalid click activity.

    I am horrified by the thought that I may possibly have been responsible for this. I participate in several “click to donate” sites, as well as another blog, where readers are actually encouraged to click on ads with the knowledge that this will increase the charity’s income. I had no idea this was wrong. I can say sincerely that I was also curious about the ads and at least one I have bookmarked for further perusal and possible purchase.

    I like to shop online and I have actually made a number of purchases because of online ads.

    Please reconsider your decision regarding Mr. Hagger. I do sincerely promise that I will not visit any of the advertised sites in the future.

    Please feel free to contact me in any of the ways listed below:

    Ellen (Ellie) E. Finlay

    (Here I have listed all my personal contact information – phone numbers, work and home addresses – as well as my IP address)

  6. What the husky dog sang. I especially like the arbritrariness of Google: “We like who we like and we’re not going to tell you what we like or don’t like.”

  7. Well, I am glad you tried, MP. Clearly there is much to blog advertising that is beyond us all and that is very disappointing given your dire need for income.

    I for one would not be offended if you add a collection plate reminder to your posts about services at St. Laika’s. If all those hundreds who are downloading/listening all were 5 pound subscribers you would be doing fine.

    Presently it comes to a whopping $8 American and I for one feel I get more than my money’s worth.

  8. Thanks, Renz. To be honest, two quid a throw would do me fine. At five quid a throw I would be able to bail a couple of other people out each month 🙂

  9. What Ann says.

    The only time I clicked on one of your ads, the computer got hung up in one of those continually downloading modes.

  10. Truth be told I am not an ad clicker – to me they are all potential scams that may download spyware etc. to your system.

  11. Wow. I just clicked on the link provided by Alcibiades. Please do so, MadPriest, if you haven’t already. The opening few paragraphs certainly set my mind at rest about how difficult Google is. Apparently a LOT of people have had problems with it similar to yours.

    The AdBrite sounds particularly good.

    Ha! WV is “obilite”. Rhymes with AdBrite. Maybe that’s a sign? 🙂

  12. Google sucks wang. I never clicked on their ads before, and I certainly wont’ click on ’em now. Screw ’em. They make more than enough money.