Thank you for all your comments on the post I DO NEED YOUR HELP - MORE QUESTIONS, on Saturday. Overwhelmingly your collective advice was "Go for it!" So I have and the results can now be seen on the left hand sidebar.

My special appeal, I DO NEED YOUR HELP, posted on Friday raised an extra £40 per month in donations. This is greatly appreciated but it is not going to keep me in the lifestyle that I would like to become accustomed and I think I've pretty much reached the ceiling as far as sponsorship by my readers is concerned. But this is okay because the advertising revenue on top of your generosity should bring my self supporting ministry at OCICBW... and St. Laika's nearer to being a real possibility.

However, I'm not completely comfortable with this advertising thing. So, I've come up with something that might help me come to terms with it. You will have all heard of carbon credits, through which businesses salve their consciences regarding their contribution to climate change. Well, I've just invented advertising credits.

I will place on OCICBW..., at absolutely no cost, your advert if you are a blogger on THE NEIGHBOURHOOD blogroll, a regular commenter, member of Chin Wag @ OCICBW... or one of my facebook friends. The rules are simple. I will only post the advert if it is your product or business, or you run the charity. I will consider posting short period adverts for events if you are just involved with their organising but, bear in mind, although OCICBW... has a simply ginormous readership, it is a readership scattered thinly across the world so the success of a jumble sale at St. Baldrick the Lesser next Saturday morning will not be boosted much by an advert on my blog.

If your product is available through Amazon, I will link it to my Amazon shop widget.

My decision is final, everything has to be decent and legal etc. etc.

So there you have it. If you would like to take advantage of this scheme please email the text for your advert (which I will edit), any graphic you would like included and a link to your business website or the site your product can be purchased from.

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