What do you, OCICBW...'s loyal readers, think of the idea of advertising on the blog? Does anyone know how much money I would make from it. What are the pros and cons?



  1. All I can say is that if you choose to go that route, it will in no way affect my appreciation for what you are providing or your “integrity” in providing it. And, if you can, make sure some of the ads have some really hot dudes in ’em. 🙂

  2. It will not bother me either, MP. It might really be worth giving it a try.

    Some of the advertising plans offer the blog owner more money if people click on the ads. That way, some people who can’t afford to subscribe could contribute each day by clicking on the various ads.

  3. I don’t ever look at ads on sites and, off hand, couldn’t tell you which ones carry them and which one’s don’t. So to me, there are only pluses from advertising – you get extra money and it makes no difference to me.

    As long as you make sure you check out every potential advertiser and don’t allow anyone room whose business conflicts with your principles.

    Certainly worth looking into!

  4. Boy, I came back and thought I stepped into the wrong blog for a sec…should put warning signs up about the unexpected renovations…

  5. I think you can set parameters with google ads — but remember the brouhaha with EDS blog ads. I think it is a good idea.

  6. I can block out areas of advertising such as pornography and firearms. But other than that I won’t have control. Therefore, There would be situations where I might be advertising fundamentalist Christian books etc.

    However, I think it is most likely the way forward. My dream is that I will get to the stage where I am not only keeping myself alive from my blog earnings but also paying other bloggers to contribute. This has been done in secular blogging (e.g. Huffington Post).

  7. Free to good home – Clumber Spaniel. Is housebroken and gentle with children and grandchildren. Seeking a loving family. Will do light housework for food. Snores a little.


    (just kidding, you bi-peds!)

  8. Absolutely you should go for it, you entrepreneur, you! (even though my capcha is “mizadv”… that’s just the Devil talking)

  9. I don’t mind ads as long as they don’t wiggle and jump, thereby distracting me. I am however left eyed and my eyes are drawn to the left side of the page. Maybe you could put Your sidebar on the left and then the ads on the right? It’s just a thought.

  10. That’s funny Susan, I must be the opposite from you, drawn to the right. It seems the first ad is a bit of a jumper there.

    Oh, MP, wasn’t bothered at all, was just mini chain yanking. The new format looks fine to me.

  11. do it! I’ve wondered why you haven’t done it before this.

    and if it earned you more money I would be happy to click on a few of the ads too.

  12. Oh wow. Looks like you’re undergoing some renovation! Cool!

    Ads don’t bother me. Lots of other bloggers use them. I see no reason why you shouldn’t.

  13. You are so polite and sensitive to your readers’ needs, Jonathan. You always ask us before doing something radically different, even on a blog. Thanks for your attentiveness, darlin’. You’re a peach.

  14. I do value everybody’s advice and my best innovations have all been discussed beforehand. However, I have to admit that there’s a huge chunk of self-preservation involved as well. There are people around here I learned not to upset very early on 🙂

  15. I’ve had a brilliant idea in respect of this advertising business which you are going to love. More details tomorrow or Monday or whenever (you know me).

  16. Doesn’t trouble me at all, easy to ignore but how are you going to cope with the lack of control as to what may appear? ‘Powerful Spiritual Healer’? Really? Educating Archie.

  17. I’m blocking political and religious proselytising along with more interesting stuff like pornography and finance.

  18. Fine with me—yours is about the only blog I read that doesn’t have ads somewhere on the page.

  19. Whoa.

    {just a gut reaction to the visual change—nothing more than that}

    That “Would You Go Back to School” guy looks sort of like…what was that guy’s name? Augustus Smallwood or something like that? That, or a member of the Family Firm…

  20. LOL chere grandmere!
    MP, I kinda like the new look. Feels spacious.
    I do not mind ads. Sometimes I even click on them. And now I can go straight to my ancestry.com page when I’m through at OCICBW… without having to go to bookmarks!
    But seriously, LOL grandmere!

  21. Well, if the Hampton Inn ads keep coming up I’ll click from your blog when I go out of town from now on. I really have to work on remembering to click through here when I do Amazon though…

  22. I have absolutely no idea what ads you get in the USA. I only see the UK ones. So if you see anything completely inappropriate please let me know as I can block individual ads.

  23. I certainly have no problem with it. Should it be necessary, I can always find porn ads elsewhere. I here Wounded Bird is making a few innovations.

  24. If people don’t like ads, and are using a web browser with an ad-blocking extension, they can choose to squash them. If they’re feeling kind, they can make an exception for your site…

    For example, AdBlock Plus is free and works with Firefox and Chrome.

  25. Oops! Of course, I meant “hear.” I really should not comment before the caffeine kicks in following my nap.

  26. Ads are fine with me. To tell you the truth while I noticed the change in the header I didn’t even notice the ads until you pointed it out.

    I’ve got a great one I’m looking at now:

    “For Men
    To Cope With Kids,
    Work and Wife Call
    Hypnotherapy For
    Stress Help

    Hey, I’m calling them now. Thats the only thing, you might lose us off to the ads.

  27. are these the kind of ads that if we click on them you get more money?

    Under the terms of my contract I’m not allowed to say and I’m certainly not allowed to encourage you to do so. I’m not even allowed to click on them myself – ever.

    They’re pretty much wasted on me.

    At least they won’t be feeling lonely in that respect.

  28. It’s a bit of a jar when your blog first comes up on the screen, but I quickly ignored them – probably not what your adverts want to hear.

    Just do it.

    Hope you get rich.

  29. I didn’t even notice the ads until I read in this comment thread that they were up!

    But it’s a shame you can’t talk about them a bit more. Because if they only generate income for you if anyone clicks on them you’re probably doomed. I absolutely as a cast iron rule never click on an add. In the unlikely event that I’m interested in what it says, I then google the company direct. I just don’t trust external active links like that not to contain viruses.

  30. I do click on ads sometimes. I’m attracted to ads on how to reduce belly fat (sorry, it’s true) without doing anything, but I learn from my mistakes. This one ad keeps nattering on about how the guy found this simple way and if you just keep listening to the end of the presentation he’ll tell you how to do it, how to get rid of that fat. He never did, and I never went to the end of the presentation. But I still occasionally click on those ads anyway, just in case…

    By the way, the Ancestry.com ad has gone away. Maybe it will come back.

    I, too, hope Maddie gets rich. If you sell the blog to AOL, though…just sayin’…

  31. I think they (the ads) figured out I was a teacher in the Atlanta area, which is a little creepy. I’ve got a slew of character education adverts on mine.

    Unless that education is pointed towards me.

  32. Yesterday I posted an attack on the Chinese as it was the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Today there was an advert put up trying to get me to travel there.

  33. The ads are apparently targeted to specific persons, because I’m not getting education ads. I agree that it’s somewhat scary to see what information is already available on the internet about each of us.

  34. Mine are all about how to advertise and help establishing an online business and who will help me with a blog. They look like what was up there when you first asked the question, MP. Have you decided not to have ads? BTW, I like your Popular Posts feature and “In the news” links!

  35. No. They are not targeted at individuals. They do not have access to your blogs or anything. Google reads my posts (they had to ask my permission to do that) and picks up key words and then sells advertising to regions based on who they think you lot must be if you read my blog. I get adverts specific to Northumbria, so the regions are obviously quite small.

  36. MadPriest, I’m tracked wherever I go on the internet. Not just here, but at every site I visit. And I have a Facebook account, so I’ve dismissed any notion of privacy on the internet.

  37. The ads that come my way on OCICBW seem to think that I want another degree (in religion), that I need “senior housing” (well, I guess that’s appropriate) and that I want the pet food for my household regularly delivered.!

    It’s rather amazing how they do this, actually.

  38. My ads? That annoying jumping woman in a body fitting suit: grad school (as if I need more degrees), build your self-esteem, character education media, religious studies online, meditation, sponsor an orphan, more school loan stuff (classes USA).