I always try to play something really classy on Friday night and this week I think you will be greatly impressed. The track begins with some bells, then some men sing for awhile and then Montserrat Figueras takes it away. Oh, sweet rapture.




  1. Oh this is lovely, MP!! I love that Medieval Spanish stuff and she does it so well. I also love the singers who are standing in for monks. They all sing in tune(which doesn’t always happen with the monks). Oh yes, this is sooo lovely. Thank you!!! I love the droning basses!!

  2. Oh, thank you, Susie Sue. The other two pieces are just as beautiful. The second track has a lot of play between the soprano and the lute like instrument that’s rather gorgeous. I listened to it in bed last night with the lights out – heavenly.

  3. I should think that the Kingdoms of Aragon & Castille would freaking LOVE this.

    I really wish that we in the Empire of Adria could play recorded music, on cd or mp3 or whatever, at events such as coronations, investitures, etc, but castle blasters (that is, 21st century electronic gadgets) are obviously not period and thus disallowed. Drat.

    I think I want to change my persona from a Scotswoman to a Saxon…maybe a Mercian, or an east Anglian….hmmmm

  4. I see the CD is quite expensive, as was the CD of Barry McCormick’s music. If I buy the MP3 version through Amazon (Oh joy!) and download it into iTunes, will I then be able to put the music on a disk?

  5. Sworn enemies? Wonder what they did to you to deserve that. I should think that the Normans would be your sworn enemies…and we’ve got an excess of those running around, so I’m not about to add to their number. Names like “le Guerre” and “le Serre” and “Deveraux” and “de Tallyrand Perigord” and whatnot….men running around in so much brocade they look like a Mardi Gras float….it keeps a Saxon busy, trying to put the smackdown on ’em all. LOL!!

  6. Oh duh, I should have remembered that. My bad. Hmmmm. Well, I suppose I could go with something Northumbrian, in solidarity, etc. “Frau Hilda of Northumbria” or some such. 😀

  7. LOL you slay me.

    Well, I need some kind of Saxon woman’s name to use, and “hild” or “hildi” or “hilda” means “battle” or “conflict.”

    “Hildegard” means “battle field/garden.” Joe has extended this to a metaphor for the soul, as the soul is the spiritual “battlefield” upon which good and evil duke it out.

    I like “Aethelfrith” because it means “noble peace” but I’m not very “frithful/peaceful.”