1. Picture finally coming into focus for folks outside the United States is it? How many Canadians do you see siding with Robert Duncan, Martyn Minns, John Guernesy, John David Schofield, David Anderson, Jack Iker, et al?

  2. I’ve been saying this for 5 years. But I have to be careful. There’s nothing Americans like better than believing that they’re being victimised. Which is ironic considering that most of the world believes the US is victimising them.

    The sad thing is that in this case it is the good guys in the US who are being punished for what the bad guys in the US have been doing to the rest of the world since WWII. It is true that the US is perceived as self-centred and a bully by the rest of the world and given half a chance the rest of the world will try to bring the US down to size.

    For example, the fuss in Pakistan at the moment is not that the US killed Bin Laden but that it went in without a please or thank you. Then the normally diplomatic, by American standards, President Obama
    responds with “We will do anything to protect US interests.” Of course, that’s understandable but it’s not diplomatic to brag about it. And so the stereotype of themselves that the US feels so unfair is perpetuated and made stronger by its own gung ho, boastful and loud attitude of superiority.

  3. It certainly has crossed my mind, but then I’m too busy feeling happy for the progressive provinces in which such change is occurring to take much offense.

  4. Well, it doesn’t include you anyway, KJ. Whenever I hear an English person having a moan about Americans they always start, “Those bloody Americans, except KJ, of course.”

  5. I believe it was James Madison who said something to the effect that if Americans lost their freedoms and rights, it would be in the guise of fighting foreign enemies. The war on drugs (which an international panel just the other day declared a failure) and the fight against radical Islamic terrorism have cost Americans (and those who travel to our country) more in freedom and certainly dignity than any other recent developments. Where else but airport security could inspectors get away with molesting and humiliating the public and not be sent to prison as sex offenders? But in the name of fighting terrorism, they are allowed to do things that would get them jail time in the real world. The anti-drug laws are often couched in ways that assume you are guilty, so you must prove your innocence, a complete reversal of our normal course in the law. Many people have had their property confiscated as “drug related” and they never get it back, even if no charges are ever brought or if they are found innocent. It is a travesty.
    And the far right wing in the US thinks this is perfectly OK, and would like to make penalties even tougher. What this all means is that EVERY TIME the US strays from the ideals of the founding documents and principles, we all pay a heavy price – the world who hate us for our govermental arrogance, and our citizens, who pay with their rights and freedoms.

  6. Fred,
    In Canada, there are 3 retired bishops and about 20 parishes or large segments of parishes who jumped ship to ANiC, the local franchise of ACNA (there is also one parish making moves to join the Ordinariate). ANiC has ordained 3 new bishops, and planted about 20 more congregations. AMiA also has about 10 parishes and 1 bishop, mostly in BC.

    What is perhaps most significant about the NSPEI vote, is that this is the first predominantly rural diocese to bless same sex marriages, the other 7 being predominantly urban dioceses (Victoria, Vancouver, London/Windsor, Hamilton/Burlington/Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau, Montreal).

    Our Dean (Montreal) just returned from England, where he was joined in a civil partnership, followed by a Eucharist with numerous clergy participating and 300+ guests in the church. He remarked that our current guidelines in the Diocese of Montreal (which offer the rite of blessing of a civil marriage to all couples) would not allow him to do everything that was done in the service in England.

  7. The Diocese of Saskatoon narrowly passed a resolution to bless same-sex civil marriages back in October. We are also very rural. Granted that the bishop has not concurred and the margin was by one vote in each house – still for rural Saskatchewan this was a major deal.

    Love and prayers,
    Ann Marie

  8. Thank you, Jim P and Ann Marie, for context.

    There’s nothing Americans like better than believing that they’re being victimised. Which is ironic considering that most of the world believes the US is victimising them.

    Well, *all* victimizers believe themselves “victims” (and say so, loudly and incessantly!). That’s called “The Human Condition” (aka “sin”).

  9. As I commented on Lesley’s blog, yes there is a distinctly anti-American tone to some of the anti-lgbt bigotry and a lot of the pro “covenant” discussion.

    Yes, we have undoubtedly deserved some anti-Americanism over the last few decades. We can be almost as arrogant as the English, and damn annoying to boot. Our willingness to tell others how to govern themselves can really get some folks backs up and deservedly so. The attitude that we know all there is to know about race and gender relationships annoys me and I am American! Add in our propensity to elect the likes of George Bush and Governor Walker, and you have a perfect breeding ground for anti-Americanism.

    But that is not why we see it in the likes of Rowan Williams and N T Wright. Nope, it is our brash failure to realize that obviously their phd’s are better than ours that causes that issue. We do not bow and scrape worth a damn and they want to be bowed to and scraped before a lot. Besides if this “separation of church and state” thing catches on, they are gonna loose a good thing!

    Oh freaking well!

    As a side note, when Nigeria and Uganda say that “the West” brought homosexual conduct to their pristine countries, besides lies, they are telling us anti-BRITISH lies. After all we were not a colonial power. But they see the US as the now in power leader of the “West” and the leader in public acceptance so we catch the heat too. Your day is coming. African “missions” are about to start springing up in England.