Justin Welby is married to Caroline and they have had six children (one of whom died in infancy). His recreations include most things French and sailing.



  1. I dunno. I love sailing. I don’t have a sailboat, nor many opportunities to sail, but I can see myself sailing with the bishop (and his wife!), speaking French, as we are swept over the water to the coast of France. See what you can do about getting me an invitation, once the bishop settles in.

  2. MadPriest, I’m listening to your Ascension Day service. I listened to your sermon. Did you mean the words you spoke? Along with the final death, we suffer little deaths throughout our lives. If you believe the words of your own sermon, then the appointment of the bishop just may not be the end of your life.

    In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus tells us, ‘And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’

  3. Well, as far as my career is concerned I’m definitely in a coma. And the bishops want to turn off the life support.

  4. I was going to make what I thought was a clever remark about Zuchinni and Eggplants, but this has turned very dark, very quickly. I leave that to Mimi.

  5. Yes, I’m sure Mimi can come up w/ a recipe for Very Dark Zuchinni & Eggplants (use that “?” one!)

    MP, I think you’re just throwing a Pity Party now. Snap out of it!

  6. Whoh there! Who is Justin Welby and how did he get to be an instant death sentence? Shouldn’t u say “hello” to him (whoever he is) before u leap off a high bridge? Sheesh!

    St. Laika’s has become a beautiful part of my life….good job, MP!


  7. All of which illustrates, Father MadPriest, exactly why God has called people like you and I to grit our teeth and ridicule the emperors for their nakedness.

    Without those of our vocation the field would be left to Izzard and Fry et al, whose idea of religious humour is a cheap gag attacking those who suffer most at the hands of the rich and powerful that purport to speak for the One who was homeless, rejected, and judiciously murdered.