At just before 8.00 a.m. this morning (English time) Of Course, I Could Be Wrong... received its two millionth hit.
It was JCF which is, as they say, satisfactory.

Thank you everybody. Without you I am nothing.

A special thank you to Cathy and Ellie who have worked so hard on the St. Laika's project, all my readers who send in news items, jokes and photos of cute animals and all those who have supported me with their prayers and donations. To have so many wonderful friends makes me blub like a girlie.


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    It was one small step for JCF, and one huge leap for mankind.

    2 Million is a lot of hits.

  2. Congrats!

    Many thanks to the trolls who add nothing to the content but a smidgen to the count.


  3. Thanks, SimplySuzi and Lois! [Though I was really trying to capture the mist from the clearing storm, and instead ended up w/ psychedelic Christmas tree! Such are the vagueries of light and shadow…]

    And thanks to MP, for letting me grandstand on HIS Big Accomplishment Thread. 😉

  4. Congratulations. 2 million! I can’t imagine.

    We little people, bloggers with few-to-no visitors, can only gape at you, awed and humbled. 😉

    One of my websites has been running since 1995 and hasn’t even cracked a million, so it’s pretty impressive.