NIXON IS A LOSER — 15 Comments

  1. Can anybody explain the “Celebrate Diversity” psychotic-loop he seems to be stuck in?

  2. “Celebrate Diversity” is actually an anagram for “A Scribe Deter Levity”, JCF. It’s my confused boy’s even more confused way of demonstrating the humorphobic pathology of Pratt’s Disease – a terrible condition correctly diagnosed some time ago by Father MadPriest.

  3. Thank you, Father Troll. You are right. Unfortunately the only known cure is lots and lots of sex and I doubt that Brad’s medical insurance covers that and it is extremely unlikely that he could persuade a practitioner to cure his complaint privately.

  4. Celebrate your church’s shrinking demographic base!
    You’re going to be under 2 million by October for the first time since the 1920s!
    You ran twice as hard and went backwards-congratulations! It’s the only genuine miracle Mainline Protestants have managed to show anyone for a long time!

  5. “You’re going to be under 2 million by October”

    Let’s just hope that’s true of the voices in your head, Anon.

  6. What I do not understand is why the trolls bother? I mean, blog owners can zap them at will and most do. Why bother with the same, tired, repetitive and pathetic comments?