1. That is too funny. It applies so well to the CANA bishops in the US who have an amazing number of divorces too.


  2. ICK! — is my first reaction … and how tragic, really …

    I’ve had my rapture … including (yesterday) a celebration of a beloved baby’s birth at a country place where the kids could run free and the bigger folk danced, sang and shared stories long into the night

    Here’s another rapture: talking with a neighbour today who recently adopted two kittens — both rescued — Gorgeous felines with long, elegant noses and one with burnished gold eyes …

    Rapture’s what we make it, eh?

    thanks for all the rapture-ish hilarity xo

  3. MP, this is priceless. And exactly why I am no longer a Roman Catholic, LOL.

    WV: butif

    but if you question us your soul is in mortal peril! — RC hierarchy

  4. That’s it. And on those two commandments hang all the lies and the missteps of the Roman Church.

  5. Rome is convinced (themselves) that “the Troubles are Behind Us” (I know, Ew!)

    Just My 2c: I think they may have finally learned not to transfer abusive priests anymore. I think they’ll find it penny-wise to pay abusive priests to go away (defrocked) when they first catch wind of them, so they don’t end up paying much Bigger Bucks to victims later.

    That’s it.

    I think that’s the ONLY thing that will change.

    Other than that, EVERYTHING about the structures that led to fomenting the abuse, will get worse. They’re on the defensive now. They’re circling the wagons, which will only lead to a greater, um, epidemic among the encircled. [Was watching some fresh-faced seminarians on EWTN tonight—taking odds as to which ones will go sociopathic, and abuse. Not whether, just which ones/to what degree…]

  6. I think abuses are inevitable in an institution with so much secrecy and where power has no accountability. The Roman Catholic church is a last bastion of monarchist absolutism in a time when their subjects no longer think of themselves as subjects, but as citizens.